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Jan 16, 2018 at 6:39 AM
Mar 18, 2005
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911 Center Technical Manager

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Well-Known Member, from Parker,AZ

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Jan 16, 2018 at 6:39 AM
    1. Retro Francis
      Retro Francis
      Is this Carl Jackson? This is Norman Francis, Buzz's son and Ray's little brother.
      1. OldStroppeTeam
        NOpe , not Carl Jackson. He lives close to me though in Havasu . I think his business is Javalina Cantina if you are trying to get in touch with him.
        Sep 9, 2015
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    2. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon

      May I please have your email address?

      Sorry I misspelled your name. :(
    3. trent06
    4. volkswagendon
      So, I saw the your photo....Any other leads where I can find some photos...I emailed you a bit ago...
    5. OldStroppeTeam
      Did your grandpa have an electric drag golf cart? Trying to go fo a Bonniville record ? I think I still have the press kit somewhere. I think his daughter was supposed to drive it !! Take a llok at Trackside photo, they have some old Pics of the car before we raced (crashed) it ...my email is [email protected]
    6. volkswagendon
      Thanks alot. I've lost alot of his racing memoriabilia. I remember in the footage that they wire tied the radiator at the begining of the race. A last minute deal, and then a ways into the race they had broken down. He also had a golf cart business at Ontario Motor Speedway. Even if you were to point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I am sure he wasn't a student.
    7. OldStroppeTeam
      I raced for Chaffey 1975-77 roughly. I believe Don was a little before me. The guys I raced with were Dave Fager, Joe Marquez,Bryce Baker and Dick Nace, If any of those name s ring a bell. Our instructor was Kent Fisk. They ran the Rambler a couple years for the college before students were allowed to race, I think that was when your grandpa raced. I'm pretty sure he raced the Rambler with Kent for a couple of years... I'll have to look for some of my historical stuff from back then...
      I'll let ya know what I find...
    8. volkswagendon
      When you did that race for Chaffey College was it with a man named Don Johnson. I believe you raced with my Grandfather. I used to have old 8mm footage of that race. Unfortunatly not anymore
    9. flyingford
      hey do you have any of the old stroppe race broncos? If you do would you be interested in a vintage short course program?
    10. OldStroppeTeam
      Already DONE !! Then I saw the message !!
    11. AzBajaman
      Good Morning Karl, We need your vote for RDC contest for monthly submissions vote for the Goat Family
    12. JENN
      The Viewfinder sign will be on display at our upcoming Grand Prix! Thank you AGAIN! Sorry for not stopping by ... Like I said, we were in and out of Parker like a tornado!~ After the events from last time we weren't even interested in going out or hanging out in the town!
    13. JENN
      Soooo I received a cute lil Kitchen Aid box in the mail today! With the Viewfinder sign enclosed!~ Thanks again for thinkin' about me and shipping it to me. Now we just need to find a time when our schedules cross so we can do din or whatever meal applies to that time of day!
    14. JENN
      YOU ROCK!
    15. empty pockets
      empty pockets
      Indigo Joes is the name, and you take Hwy 95 to Palo Verde Turn left and it is beside the Golden Corral Buffett, which is behind Classic Burger. Robert and I will be there around noon.
    16. empty pockets
      empty pockets
      does not matter to me, what ever is easier for you.
    17. OldStroppeTeam
      As of right now Saturday is good.
      Somewhere in Havasu or Parker ?
    18. empty pockets
      empty pockets
      Are you going to be available this Saturday to have lunch somewhere? I would like to have Robert meet with ya, and we can talk about the truck? And what our plans are for the rest of this year,and the start of next year.
    19. OldStroppeTeam
      928-916-1394 is my cell
    20. empty pockets
      empty pockets
      Give me a phone number and I will call you.
      Thank you, Gary
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    911 Center Technical Manager
    Karl Hartmetz
    Favorite Race:
    any long race in nevada
    Favorite Race Driver:
    Rod Hall, Gale Pike
    2010 Ford RAPTOR
    2015 F150
    Been around this game a looong time ! Hope to be around a lot longer too, if one of my other hobbies
    doesn't kill me.

    Scuba Diving,Arabian Horses, Volleyball,Firefighting


    Yes , Those ARE brush scratches on our Raptor !
    Motorsports Safety Solutions Rescue 11