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  • Hi Rick, I just wanted to follow up with you from your last message. I replied via email a few days ago, but I'm not sure if you received it. Anyways I still have a couple rooms available if you need them. :)
    Hello Scott, That is funny. My parents are great peope and my biggest supporters, I love them so much. I will be at the memorial fund raiser at Slash X Saturday to support the casue. if you make it, please introduce yourself, I would love to meet you. Thank you for reaching out and saying hello. Rick L. Johnson
    Hi Rick,
    We've never met but a few days ago we were camped out in Apple Valley and it turns out your folks were in the rig next door. Really nice people, they saw the chase numbers on our trucks and sparked up a conversation. Anyway, small world, just wanted to touch base and maybe we will cross paths someday. Glad to hear recovery is going well.

    Scott Cimino
    Missed seeing you and your cars there. It would have been a great race with you guy's. The NOVA ran great and the single seat car did well also. It was a lot of fun again. Maybe next year??
    Hope the Mexican 1000 went well for you, cars looked great! Unfortunately we had to much on our plate this year to make it, cant wait to go back though!

    See you at the races
    Thank you. I am on the road, but will order some prints in a few days.

    Rick L.
    I will be racing in Baja April 28th-May 4th for the NORRA Mexican 1000 and then again in November for the Baja 1000. I am trying to figure out a way to get a race car down to Cabo to so I can race more in Cabo.

    Hope to meet you soon ,

    Rick L. Johnson
    Hi Rick, it's me again, ueria know if you will run in the races to be held in San Jose del Cabo? nas we see you racing again in these lands ...
    please let me know when you will run into Cape, please
    I am sorry, but I will be racing in Parker, Arizona that same weekend. I wish the race was on a different date as the race course goes by my house in San Jose Del Cabo and I would have liked to race it.
    like you come to run a road race in Los Cabos Baja California Sur? the next 6 and February 7 will do a road race called the Eastern Cape 250, in which we invite you to run, have a lot of participation from drivers who are in SCORE, I will mention a few:
    Luis Ramirez Jr., ex-driver Jefferies Racing, 1st. place baja 500 2008
    Luis Camarena winner of long jump in LDC ´10
    Francisco Villagomez 1st Place Class 12 LDC ´10
    Samuel Araiza
    Steve Barry
    Robert Ross 1st. Place Laughlin 2010 Score International
    etc ...
    I would like to know your answer.
    I say goodbye with a salute
    Low e glass allows you to control heat or air, gain loss thru glass making your home more efficient, it helps even more if you have direct sunlight. If you dont mind one pain of glass looking different then the other, then just replace the pane that is fogging. Guradian is the glass MFG
    NEVER going to figure out which of you guys is the "other Rick Johnson," but am confident neither of you are the Rick Johnson I covered on the 80's SuperCross circuit.:)

    Thanks for the advice. There is only one slider, the other pane is fixed. Are you suggesting I have the local glass man put new glass into my slider frame? When I spoke to him, he said to bring it down, and he'd clean and reseal my existing glass, but then I realized I have no safe way to transport such a large piece. Facing north, the glass receives very little direct light, except for early morn and at sundown during the time around the summer solstice: Why should I be sure and get Low E glass? The current glass is labeled "Guardian," then some ANSI code, and "safety tempered."

    As per getting nerfed, I wouldn't have thought Chuck Hovey or Mark Weyrich would nail us, but they sure did. Luckily, we have a "sacrificial" and replaceable rear bumper. We're on our third in four years.

    Thanks again,
    I live in AZ, so you probably couldn't be competitive (couldn't resist the pun) but I ask your advice on a solution: I have a leaking double paned 4' x 6' Arcadia sliding door that has, of course, fogged. Should I have my local glass shop attempt to repair it, or resign myself to replacement? I don't know the manufacturer, as it was in the house when I bought it. It is about ten years old.

    Also, I'm racing sportsman at Parker, which means I'll probably be between Midway and Mineral Wash on my first lap when you pass me on your second. Racing under #1811 w/ a blue light. Please try to avoid bumping me like too many Pro's have at loop races, and I'll try to get out of your way ASAP, if not sooner. Past that stop sign and intersection the course gets rather narrow, any suggestions on causing you the least grief. Maybe I'll see you Sunday at the Mexican Buffet ala Midway?

    Thanks in advance!
    Hi Rick, well with everything that's been going things aren't looking to good at the CORAL, you are right, the prices went up, at least I'll get to see you there. Tell Brenda I sed HI, see you soon.
    How are things Rick. Hope all is well in the new year. Where are you guys racing first this year? Will you be at our Mint race?
    Jay Spears General Tire
    Hi rick, dont know if you remember but tony was helping joel and I last year at the 1000 in our pit. he was our third guy. he loved going down there. He passed up a ride with team honda cause he couldnt get the pre-run days off from work. But he sure had fun pitting you. and kicking it Agave Motorsports style in Mexico. he is slowly coming around and just starting to come out of the coma. i am sure that he will be thanking everybody that helped out when he gets back going again.
    Tommy Massimini
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