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  • Hey Steve I need a Rack and Pinion. You got any good deals or hook ups? Have you talked to Oscer at all?
    No, LeeBob has a bad taste from something at a SNORE race years ago. I tried to call you before the BWC, did you go? We went, but did not race for a couple reasons, including a broken roller lifter...

    I hope we can make the last MORE race in Barstow, Dec. 4th.
    BWC just to spectate, costs too high to run circles in injun territory, Kemosabe! We were going to race but after Casey cut mileage to 108 miles over two days, the $830 in enty, tracker and transponder fees is too rich for my blood.

    Did you try that omelet yet? Call me sometime: (928)684-2334. Thanks!
    I was working on racecar and trailer for next weeks' MORE Baalls Out 250. Just saw your note. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. What's up?
    Yep, and I just got our new Galls siren today. Levi Rockhill got top draw in unltd. Pro, we in unltd. Sportsman.
    Maybe you could show me around SV, did do a search up there for that Jermy Cox out of Prescott. Trent has also invited us to the shop if we have problems testing, but we've found if it can't be fixed at the hay barns, we're done testing. :( Sorry, we missed SV Cafe, sorry it's closed. The guy with all the old bathtub Porsches looks gone, too. Anybody selling any gas out of there now? Ranch House kinda steep, gives me the runs. How about Rumors or the bakery place in Yarnell? My wife was up there today, said snow on side roads, shade and north facing hills still at 11:30 and an AZDOT snowplow was going DOWN Yarnell Hill. I think I should get some little gennie, if only to run our propane fp that is electrically activated. Stay toasty, 68f in the 'burg today at 3pm.
    All us Western Zonies need to meet up in Bouse or Aguila some day. I had some of Doreen's cooking today - she runs Coyote Flats - and it was real good!

    BTW, how IS the Skull Valley Cafe, every time I go by and am hungry, it's closed, every time I go by when I'm not, it's packed. I can recommend the Iron Springs Cafe in west Prescott, however, for Sunday breakfast and pie.
    Hey Steve!!! Thanks for the welcoming. Things are going pretty good right now got myself a job and benefits. I should be getting my truck soon before the end of this year. I will definately come out and see you guys. I plan on coming out at least all the primm events and buffalo bills im hoping . How are the the guys doing?
    No probably not. I can't really prep it that fast after the 1000 nor do I have any desire to. Laughlin SCORE yes.
    We will be there, but not racing. There won't be enough of my prep left after the Drive Race to do a 500 miler the next week.
    Yea, Jrod was helping.. I went by the pit after the end of the day and said hello. They were bolting in a "FAT" motor when we left. I dunno what happened to their race though or if it was a fixed motor or an entirely new one.... I am going back out today and will prolly talk to them... Jrod would be who has the full scoop. He was turning wrenches and I was tipping beers...
    Hi, my name is Jeff Kawell. I have a class 12 car that we are trying to get working better. I read your reply regarding Mike Weber and would like to talk to him about possibly helping us out. Can you give me his number? Thank You!
    Don't need to check my facts. The facts are unimportant. The trash talk accomplishes nothing and I for one am sick of reading it on RDC
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