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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    I am a chaser not a racer but I will still be going even if my team (Kaysinger Bronco) can't make it (not looking good) So regardless of loop or traditional if anyone needs a couple of guys in a built 4wd van to help out just let me know. Worse case scenario, my buddy and I plan to be in...
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    onX Offroad

    So I downloaded onX to my phone to play with and will load on my Android headunit in the chase rig. It looks like I need medium resolution maps to get the info I want but is it really only 10 miles wide per download? That would mean 20-30 dowloads per trip min? The 100 mile low res just doesn't...
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    I stand with NORRA and Eliseo and would be happy to book through them. And I am happy to tell all the hotels that I will refuse to book through anyone else.
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    I can say that having met Eliseo that I will side with him in any disagreement. Baja Voyager can eat sand tacos for their methods.
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    My Team is out, Who needs free chase help??

    Brother I already booked that block of dates before the cancelation, just in case !!
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    As someone who works as an ICU RN in a big hospital I am glad you are being calm and rational. This is a desert race, not a stadium run with 50, 000 people together. Let's do it!!! I will be there as long as they let me cross the border, no matter what.
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    Everyone remember there is a NORRA 500 in October, even if the 1000 gets canceled maybe we can all plan to meet up there :) My team is out so I put up a post about helping anyone else that needs 2 guys in a 4wd van to chase, or if not a team then I will just help NORRA itself.
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    My Team is out, Who needs free chase help??

    Very true, but I figure that is true for many racers and chasers. Personally I am fine being trapped INSIDE Baja, but it would suck to not be allowed to cross from the USA into Mexico.
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    My Team is out, Who needs free chase help??

    Howdy All, I have been chasing for Kaysinger and Andrew Norton 69 Stroppe Bronco off and on for a few years so I know NORRA, know how to put together chase books, logistics (refuel, driver changes, repairs), mechanical work and along with being an ICU RN I am fluent in spanish. (Our chase books...
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    Upgrades or Blasphemy

    Have fun as others have said... What is more important, winning or history? Will you have fun in 2nd or 3rd knowing you are more "historically authentic"? That is the case with our early Bronco. Or will you have more fun winning with upgrades? Only you know you and what will make the money and...
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    2020 NORRA tech rules posted

    No shocks through the floor for Pioneer Boyd is bumping up a class? I saw his rig at SEMA and those are some nice Fox shocks coming up from the axle perch to the roll cage.
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    Chase Truck/ Gear transport volunteer

    I have known Alex forever it seems and he is a stand up guy. Navy vet, Firefighter and Arizona to Texas transplant. I am looking forward to see what kind of fun he finds as it will get me back to helping some racers also.
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    BFG Blazers, Scoop, Bob, and Parnelli's guts

    Great link Taylor and amazing to see what can be done to bring history to life and back to the dirt of Baja. Looking forward to watching you run again this spring.
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    Need help with Stock class runs

    Oh I read the rules....but I was in hopes that a rig could be run more stock than not in order to showcase quality factory builds. A roll cage of course with belts... But after that once you start changing to fuel cells (and dealing with all the ecm issues that could arise), racing seats and...
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    Need help with Stock class runs

    So I read the Stock class rules and have some questions.... The idea is to take a 2017 midsize truck and do the bare min to race in the 1000 this fall, will also do some SCCA Rallies, NORRA and a few other events. Pure fun, not trying to set records :) Roll cage of course, with harness tabs...