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    Hello My Name Is Dirty Gringo Productions

    Nice video. Do you have any footage or pics of car 1054 or 1554? The car is now silver color. It was my sons first time driving and I am looking for a good photo which I am willing to purchase. Thanks, Dave Terrell 602-989-5404
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    Class 10's at Parker? Who's racing

    DnD Motorsports is signed up with our Kreger car. Hopefully we have the issues worked out on the new Ecotech. What tires brand and size is everyone running? Dave #1054
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    MIke, you are without a doubt the best offroad photographer. You find the spots on the track were racers hope there is a camera, not a lame corner near the pits like many others. Dave DnD Motorsports #1054
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    *VIDEOS* Rage at the River

    Here is the link to a video showing my son rolling the class 10 car in the sportsmans class on saturday.
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    ~^~^~Rage@THE RIVER pix by Dusty Lenz Photography

    How about car #1054? Dave Terrell D-n-D Motorsports
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    SNORE Laughlin pictures by Photo Ahead

    When will you have class 10 saturday pics up? the suspense is killing me. lol Dave Terrell D-n-D Motorsports #1054
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    Hotel in Ensenada

    Does anyone have an extra hotel room in Ensenada for Thurs, Fri, and Sat? Dave Terrell 602-989-5404
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    ^^^ WOR Snowflake "The Race" Photo Update by Race Marker Photo ^^^

    Great photos of #1054. Dave Terrell D-n-D Motorsports #1054
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    WOR Snowflake?

    Alright class 10, it's go time!! Hey Timmy, tell Mr. 50%, he better better change his name to "Mr. 110%". At least that way he can come in 2nd. :p Dave Terrell D-n-D Motorsports #1054
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    WOR Snowflake?

    D-n-D crew plans on being there with our 10 car. I haven't decided which class I'm going to race my quad , Sr. Pro or 40+. Dave Terrell D-n-D Motorsports #1054
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    Racer swap meet

    We had a great time at the Manzanita Racers Swap Meet. We got there at 7am, people were immediately gathering around the truck checking out what we had to sell. We could hardly get the stuff unloaded before the offers started. We brought about 20 items and sold all but a few by 9am. We left...
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    Racer swap meet

    We've got axles, tires, wheels, seats, shock springs, fox shocks, atv stuff.
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    Racer swap meet

    I've got a ton of good stuff that I have to sell in order to race the mint.
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    Battle At Primm Photos, By Race Marker Photo

    Awesome pics, do you have any of #1054. Seems like you have mostly trucks and not many of us, "buggy dorks". lol
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    BAP Photo Update

    Got any pics of 1054?