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  • Nate,
    Have you ever thought about being a volunteer chaplain for Racers For Christ? We could defiantly use some help in the desert and at the roundy round track in Peoria AZ. Please drop me a line if this is of interest to you. SHanson AT 4x4review.com or 949.705.SURF.
    God speed brother,
    Chaplain Steve
    I understand that it would be, I just got off the phone with PJ and he said anytime he thought he heard a horn he asked his co driver if anyone was there. But he apologised for not getting out of the way
    Thats odd to hear that PJ held you guys up.. When in the race was it?
    He is fairly new to racing but usually watches his mirrors closely and he had a co rider that has alot of experience
    Sorry, I'm never going to get around to cleaning out my inbox, if you don't want to post here, please send to nobrakesdrake@yahoo.com I think I may know of a seat becoming available in the not-too-distant-future. V-8 car.
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