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    (Video) BITD Parker 425 Contingency

    Thanks for the vid Mad Media!!!! Always great to watch keep them coming! Good luck to the boys from Down Under!!!!!
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    YOU PICK'EM 2013 Parker 425!

    Go GET Em Harley!!!!!
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    GET Performance Team Taylor Video

    Car is running well just a couple of Minor issues to get through!! But we are getting on top of them now and ready for 2013 And Digsy beauty is in the eye of the beholder bud!
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    GET Performance Team Taylor Video

    This race was a lap race. It started out as a 4 lap race of 75km Then the rain began to fall and flooded most of the track so The organizers scrambled and managed to get us a 15km loop And we did about 16 laps
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    GET Performance Team Taylor Video

    Correct !! No gps allowed down here or VB !!! Were a bit far north for that rubbish I mean stuff!!!! Were in xxxx country here and plenty of it ready for Australia Day tomorrow!!!! ZJ thanks mate a couple more coming!!!
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    GET Performance Team Taylor Video

    The last round of the Australian Off Road Championship Team Taylor in their twin turbo V6 GET performance Pro Buggy and the V8 powered Razorback. Replacement String:
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    GET Performance Harley Letner raced in Australia

    The next round for the Team Taylor #6 Get performance and the #24 Razorback Pro Buggies in South Australia. Enjoy!!!!!! Replacement String:
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    Vid of Harley Letner Racing in Australia

    That is a crazy track and it's like that the whole way around for 50 miles!!!!! So the only way you will get around is with an element of madness!
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    Vid of Harley Letner Racing in Australia

    This is a video Offroad Promotions produced of the Goondiwindi 400 event which Harley shared the drive with Nev Taylor in the #6 Team Taylor GET Performance pro buggy!!!!!! ENJOY Replacement String:
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    Aussie Team Taylor Mint 400 Video

    Here is a short video of some of the highlights from Team Taylors recent journey to the U.S for the Mint 400. Replacement String:
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    Did anybody run a forced induction TT or C1 at the Mint?

    We were supposed to be racing our new GET Performance class one with a DanZio twin turbo v6 as a test before we send it down under, and Gene pulled out all stops to try and have it ready but unfortunately time got the better of us but we ended up getting the ex letter tatum and raced that...
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    MINT 400 Updates!!!

    Car 1506 Nev and Mike Taylor tracker is working in pits but can't see on Internet??? Any info would be great! Hard work sitting here in Australia and can only listen to weatherman for updates. Damn trackers
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    Mint 400 piks

    #1506 them crazy Aussie wild cards have definitely won in the fun department. Plan A wasn't quite ready and they went and tested plan B today and had an absolute ball. They had the street parade in Vegas and loved it and the race hasn't even begun. Bring on the MAIN SHOW. I'll be staying up...
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    DanZio Twin Turbo Class 1 Engine

    Mate we will be racing all Australian championship events with the first one being in June but after racing the mint and getting the car down to Australia probably won't leave much time to do anything else. The whole idea of building this car was to give every body some comp!!! Not just Hayden...
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    DanZio Twin Turbo Class 1 Engine

    We have engine!! We have transmission!! We have chassis!!! Nearly there! Thanks to Gene Chris and Fortin and any one else involved in creating this awesome machine For us. This has been a long time coming for Team Taylor and we CAN NOT WAIT. I wont be there but good luck to all racing The Mint.....