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    2011 Baja 500 highlight VIDEO

    Great video I like all the diff spots you guys captured...hope you feel better thanks..
  2. Ozzie M LIVE Coverage Of The Baja 500!

    I noticed when the viewers grew over 1100 the feed would cut out and come back in after it came back down to 945....the morning feed was perfect as if i was watching it on tv!!!!....what if you had two cameras set up on top of another one....with two diff feeds for public viewers and one for rdc...
  3. Ozzie M LIVE Coverage Of The Baja 500!

    Irc shows him between mm205-210 going approx 42mph
  4. Ozzie M LIVE Coverage Of The Baja 500!

    Please tell me heidi's tracker is broke or something....and they should be coming up to summit shortly right??
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    Password / Pay for IRC?!

    I cant even pull up the website to pay for tracking it just denys me entry.
  6. Ozzie M LIVE Coverage Of The Baja 500!

    Anyone have any idea about andy mcmillin 31b?? is that a chase truck??
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    Camburg KINETIK trophy Truck build for Greene Motorsport - webisode 1

    Cool video...I really like the other one with the linkin park violin i keep playing it...thanks for sharing.
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    Watch BJ Baldwin Pre-Run for the Baja 500!

    Nice thank you for sharing.
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    18,635 with less than 1 day to go!

    Done thanks for the info and the link guys!!
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    18,635 with less than 1 day to go!

    What issue is the best to address??
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    Mint 400 updates???

    And Mike Childress 1st in class 1 Great finish for team GT
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    The List!!!

    I thought he purchased a brand new geiser going into the 2010 sf 250 from what i recall he debuted it there am i right???correct me if im wrong.....
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    The List!!!

    Re: Re: The List!!! Anyone made any changes to this list in a while? 1 - Reserved for points champion (Score 2006: B.J. Baldwin/BITD 2006: Garron Cadiente/Snore 2006: Curt LeDuc). 2 - Pete Sorhen/Cameron Steele - A Geiser built Ford F-150 3-seat truck with center seat driver. It is...
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    dream line up.

    Steve eugenio,Billly gasper,Rob mac,Mike childress and jim blackmore as crew chief Sent from my DROID2 using Tapatalk
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    "Jones takes O/A @ Parker!"

    Jesse jones haulin the mail!!! Congrats to you and your crew.