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  • I was really stoked for you guys...up until we heard about the transmission issues. Sure wanted to see you take this one...sorry it turned out the way it did.
    Yo PAB...Hey, I have these old Yokohama Super Diggers from 1987 off DeVercelly's 5/1600 racer. they are 31" sorta Mud Terrain. Do they make a similar tread. I love the Yokes and need a 31" tire.
    seems your boy the viking-goon doesn't agree with your sense of humor ..... wwaahhhhhhh ;-)
    So did my brother Scott hold you guys up? What can we raz him about when he gets back? Would be funny to give him crap the minute he walks in the door.

    In all honsety, he probably had a total blast. I've been jealous all week. Hope to make the beach bash.
    Hey cam im moving to texas just outside houston town called spring your the racing guru im looking for riding areas tracks or trails out there if you know of anything pleased let me know also whens the next race id hate to leave without seeing the d.a in action one more time
    like you come to run a road race in Los Cabos Baja California Sur? the next 6 and February 7 will do a road race called the Eastern Cape 250, in which we invite you to run, have a lot of participation from drivers who are in SCORE, I will mention a few:
    Luis Ramirez Jr., ex-driver Jefferies Racing
    Samuel Araiza
    Steve Barry
    Robert Ross
    etc ...
    I would like to know your answer.
    I say goodbye with a salute
    No Style here Bro, I'm a Goon rider all the way!!! I make Vulliemen look like Windham.
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