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    Chris Blais has broken his back!!

    I just spoke with Kreg (Donahoe) he was the 1st 4wheel on the scene and the only one with a radio. He stayed with Chris and his friends, which included Henge, for about 2 hours. BITD got a helicopter in and flew him and Patty out and will be in contact with the hospital and Chris' family...
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    Sad News - Chris Lokken - R.I.P.

    I just got back on the computer after a long Baja 500 and I see this. I had heard a Code Red go out on Sat night, but I was on WM for a brief time only; when I heard the Code Red I knew all radio traffic would stop and he would focus on the emergency and switched back to my frequency. I NEVER...
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    Donahoe Racing Grand Opening Party

    Donahoe Racing and Team Donahoe have made the big move to our new facility! So we are inviting you and your friends to come on over on Cinco de Mayo (May 5) to see our new digs, look at some race cars and trucks, talk to people and have some grub. It should be fun - we hope you can make it ...
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    My father was murdered south of Mulege!!!

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss - that is a terrible terrible thing. Godspeed to you and your family.
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    $10,000.00 Reward

    WOW that totally totally sux. This was a theft ridden Baja 1000 for all of us it seems. We listened to this incident unfold on Weatherman - but did not hear about the theft - that is horrible - if we see any of this stuff we'll let you know for sure - I have been monitoring e-bay for many of...
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    More Powder Puff Race Interest List

    Well that sucks! We are also racing the Las Vegas 300 on the 14th - so I guess I will have to miss it...which is a bummer cause I was just talking about it this weekend at the Terrible Town 250 and was excited to participate :(
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    Feldkamps lose 3rd generation desert racer

    I have tried to start a post more times than not and as I do, words escape me. My son is 17 mos old and I don't know what I would do and it pains me to think about it, so I am just sooooo sorry for your loss. I know your hearts are heavy but all I can think of to ease your pain is God takes the...
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    CBD Press release

    Here is a press release from our dear friends at the CBD; Daniel Patterson is never far from the center of these things. Read on.... Center for Biological Diversity BECAUSE LIFE IS GOOD Protecting endangered species and wild places through science, policy, education, and environmental...
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    Parker pictures

    Those are really good - got some good ones of us!
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    Peter T @ Banks Power

    Welcome aboard Pete!
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    BITD / SNORE Henderson 400

    Hey GRT - Thank you! And thank you for the nice welcome to the BITD Stock Full Group - We are really excited to race in BITD and also look forward to competing with you guys next year - I think it will be great for all of us to run with each other again; it's been too long! Congrats to Team...
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    BITD / SNORE Henderson 400

    Hey John - THANKS! I appreciate that - there was a lot of hard work that went into that truck! We are really pleased with it and so are our sponsors which is always a plus! We are looking forward to next year and seeing how it does - but hey second race and a second place - not bad!!
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    BITD / SNORE Henderson 400

    That is a great picture of our Truck!! We got second in class BTW.
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    Jesse James

    Hey Poolman - Yeah it is