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  • Mine is for sale, its pretty much the fastest mini built! Tons of Wins and podiums

    Text or call me 714-240-7362 Id take $8000 as is or $9500 prepped with the new V6
    Hauler for those vintage trucks - Chris Ridgway, now and then SCORE bike racer, mostly transports sports cars so maybe those mini trucks will fit.
    Shoot him a text at 714-402-0129
    You can also Google him or as Chris Ridgway on FBook
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    Thanks Tim
    I texted at him today. I knew he has multipe trailers, enclosed and open, and he shot me a pic of 2 old school cars on an open trailer. So if they can't both fit inside an enclosed he's got more than enough room for them both on an open trailer.
    Good luck! The trucks look super rad!
    Kevins car has a Holley regulator. Basically like this.. pickup-100 micron filter-pump-10 micron filter-regulator-then to fuel rail.Regulator has it's own return to cell. I've been told not to run a it that way that it should have a return on the fuel rail. Not sure on this Kevins car so it's up to him but just trying to understand the issue..
    Just seems like the laptop goes to RDC every time on turn it on to check work. Are you going down for the NORRA race?
    You are a dedicated RDC fan...posting from Cabo. Hope your vacation is nice!
    that is larry sprols bag out of his trophy truck thanks for finding ti and putting it up on here for it to be found please call josh from racer engineering (951)853-3745
    Hey Dana whats happening ? just thought I would send you a warning about Mr.Caspino just watch out
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