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  • Just saw the article in Off-road Mag. The pictures came out awesome. Really enjoyed reading the article, thank you for everything. Let me know how I can get some pics, they turned out better than I could've imagined.
    Your quote "Are the white fenders so it will go faster in the desert sections?" is possibly one of the funniest things i have ever heard in my life, so thank you for that
    Let me straighten something out with you. The last time I posted pictures on RDC, which I will NEVER do again (thanks to the completely unnecessary attitude of nearly all the photographers), it was in the EXACT SAME situation that Woodrow is doing. I posted up a thread on SNORE pictures and put up some of my own amateur work, not full resolution, not watermarked, just pictures. The little circle of "professionals" complained to Pat and he gave me a warning. I then received complaints. So I got tired of it and had Pat pull the thread. Up until then I got nothing but great compliments on the photos! So tell me now, how is my situation different than Woodrow's? Why are you favoring him? Why was I shunned for something that's "okay" now? I have no problem with ANYONE posting pictures, I love it, that's not what I was telling the kid. I was simply warning him based on what I've been through. So elaborate, how did I "not learn anything"? How am I "Wrong!"?
    just saw your message.....answer......I wish i could predict the lotto for ya,most things i touch turn to sh@t. Robbie woods has had some good runs and i knew he was gonna get a podi soon.interesting that you message me ,im known as pappawheeli here in canada because my last name is wheeler and i have kids,so when I joined racedezert I saw your user name and thought mine needed altering to avoid any confusion
    Maybe you are confusing WY with Marc and Donny? They hurl epithets and threats at me, and I point out their ignorance in doing so on an almost daily basis. But it's mostly all in fun, like guys on a Saturday afternoon in the shop, saying "No! You're full of ****!" back and forth.

    Took me awhile to figure that out too.

    You gonna shoot me at the CCO250 in September? Hope so.
    Mike, so why did you neg rep that post? Please educate me as to what you found offensive about it. The prior poster's question revealed he didn't understand the particulars, I pointed that out and asked him politely to do more research, IMHO.

    How does it feel to part of a small cohort that includes the likes of Scott Rehn and MO, BTW?:confused:


    Any news from Open Road Mag? Anyways, Im going to launch my team website pretty soon, and I need to purchase photos for the website. Please let me know what the easiest way to handle this is. I will also have a section dedicated to sponsor and supporters links and contact info.
    I want to give you more rep, but the gol darn v-bulletin board won't let me. Enjoy you taking Jim to school today. Thanks!
    hay it looks as if I will be at JE working. not favorite thing to do but this day and all I need a job.
    Thanks for the rep. While I may not always agree with what one person or another says in Purple, I always respect their opinions. Unless they decide to start personal attacks. Then it's on like Donkey Kong :p
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