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  • For the fifth time in several weeks, I've tried to give you positive rep but the stupid box keeps popping up and telling me I need to spread more reputation elsewhere. Quit making so much sense. I'm tired of seeing the damn pop-up.
    Hopefully not. The information is out there for all to see. I still have to wonder if a lot of it isn't just recreational pot stirring.
    I saw your photo special this month, I wonder if you have a photo of us somewhere , we ran the baja 500 in car #578, (class 5/1600).
    Thanks :)

    PS: I love your pictures, hope that you capture us :)
    hey man i was wondering if you could tell me about the kit from allied? i really wanna get it but i cant seem to get an email back from them? how much did it cost after the coilovers and shock mount getting put in? We have one shop around here and they **** people over so i was gonna see if its even worth getting the kit. What model truck do you have? Motor size? Does the kit handle very well? Thanks for everything!!

    Its all good! hey.. thinking about going to the MORE race and shoot some photos.. and take my dad out.. any good spots ?
    quick question ... that photo i ordered from you from the MORE balls out race ... is there any way i can get a small version to put in my signature area like fourstoker ??
    Enjoy, be safe and get some good shots. I won't be there... I am trying to get articles finished to ship DIESEL BUILDER and shooting a friends wedding on Saturday!
    heeyy ! how did u score your media for the LBGP ????

    i tried and got hated on :(
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