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    Anyone using a Trailer Tracker?

    two different things, onces a sat based and the other is cell based. you might be good with cell for 90% of places
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    Baja Designs LP4 vs. XL80

    The XL80s will push farther out, and are a bit cheaper. They dont have the side lighting that the lp4 has, but i dont think its really needed. if you need any, let me know we are a dealer :D (or if you have any other questions)
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    Traxxas 12T 550 Motor Break In

    just run it,
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    Interesting fueling strategy. Anyone do this to save time?

    there were two of those gun trucks running, dudes finished at like 3am lol. dude was still on the 50cal on top when i saw them come across the finish line on the 2nd lap
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    Fireball tools

    yea, they make some awesome stuff
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    Another c-10 build

    why the huge filler for the trans?
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    Raptor stolen - then recovered an hour later!

    i use the spot trace on my cars. around 12bucks a month for the fee, but is sat based and works 99% of the time
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    Help, really concerned about fabrication and axle angles

    who did the work? I didnt see a shop mentioned. Reminds me of the issues i had with my builder lol
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    i would be neat if they could tie in their coms to it too.
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    Mint 400 photographers

    well thats just an amazing pic lol
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    Changes at Score

    whats a "blue light car"?
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    Mint 400 photographers

    hmm, only found these two. What took you out of the race?
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    Mint 400 photographers

    what was your race number and car type? friday or sat?
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    SCORE - San Felipe 250?

    our infection rate is on par with theirs, just a few days behind them.
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    Coronavirus? What Events Next..

    um, the guy in the whitehouse is how it happened and how it happened so quick lol