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    Final Race '03 Season News and Notes

    Re: Final Race \'03 Season News and Notes Not official yet but looks like Bill came out ahead of the game this time -- Congratulations Bill --- Curt will run the numbers in a little while --Just walked in the door.
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    Help with promotion, please

    Rich -- Sounds like a Great Time! --and yes I like putting fresh meat in the seat -- sometimes you get lucky and they love it and then again some don't. By the way is there a menu for Pot LUck? -- Anything in particular needed? Anyone in charge I sholud ask or call?
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    Pics from Sept. 2003

    War wounds are not uncommon -- I went looking for a rock that flew in after the 1st race last month and only found it this afternoon. Its amazing how much actually ends up in the cab. -- We relandscaped our lawn a couple years ago and I tell you my $$$ was wasted -- all I had to do was go to...
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    Pics from Sept. 2003

    Great pictures -- will we see you next weekend?
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    PC Class 7 results and approx points

    <font color="green"> great race people. real smooth. i got a video of the 2nd moto but i dont know who got the video of the first moto. yeah. billy... i told mom what you told me to tell her. she didnt say anything. we'll see what happens next time. =) anyways. cant wait till next month...
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    Fallon Update and results

    Jeff-- Congratulations! Great run! -- It was great you finally got to run a desert race and we're looking forward to seeing you in Hawthorne! Tell you we were in the same boat with out Chris Jermon's help we would have been cooked-- The guy went way out of his way and its good people like him...
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    Sign-up forms and info on their way

    Thanks Rich -- Got mine yesterday -- though don't see 7 on it.-- I take it ours was on the up and up -- Ya'll mark'n the course this weekend?
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    Lets see some pics and video.

    Law Dawgs also have video footage that could be KOOL! -- He said he'd send me a tape. I don't know if he have the capabilty of posting it. -- We'll have to ask next time he posts.
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    Lookin for #46

    We're in somewhat the same boat -- alot to do and little time and fundage to do it -- though one way or another we'll be there. Pretty or Not. -- Good Luck.
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    Lets see some pics and video.

    R you and Bill working on the Website? --- If so, GREAT! --
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    Lookin for #46

    Hey how'd you guys finish up last weekend. I think I was only half listening to Vanessa when we were talking. See you in Yerington?
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    Looking for race announcer

    Hey Garland! What's up with that -- Nobody I know has your: 1. Gift of Gab 2. Gift to Educate 3. Gift to BS 4. Gift to create Xcitement! Your the one and only for the Job! You'll be missed and it's been great! Sorry to see you go! -- I guess that will give you more time for more...
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    Lets see some pics and video.

    Hey! I want your AUTOGRAPH baby!-- Patty
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    Let's Go! More for the Party!
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    NO Way Jose! -- Rain - Shine -- It's all good -- it's rac'n