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  • Accepted. I never had any thought of defending the suspect. I was appalled at the lynch mob mentality expressed by prior posters in this public forum. And though it may be flawed, I believe our justice system is still the best.

    Read or watch "The Oxbow Incident" for a good idea where I'm coming from

    As per the DNA evidence, doesn't it only show that he was in contact with her clothing at this point, either before or after her death? For all I know, he found that clothing, sniffed it and and then sneezed or masturbated on it.

    In any case, crucifying Gardner will not bring Chelsea back to us.

    Regarding our children's safety: Lisa Gardner's book, "HIDE," has what I think is a very good primer on the dangers out there, starting on page 35. It's good info, but scary reading and a frank look at the world today.
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