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    302 and C4 gearing help

    Could you top out 3rd gear with that setup? 20-60mph, is that using 2nd gear? One of the problems is I dont want to running the truck too high of rpms all the time. We may just run the motor stock for now, I am guessing its only 230hp +/-. What kind of power were you running? It probably...
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    302 and C4 gearing help

    Is that what you are suggesting? My question is that our axle is 6.0 and I am wondering if that is going to be to low.
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    302 and C4 gearing help

    35s, Mostly be racing MDR courses
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    302 and C4 gearing help

    We have a hookup for a freshly rebuilt 302 and c4 trans for our truck. We are thinking about upgrading it with heads/cam like this If we did that plus headers and a good carb I think we could be looking at 380hp+. My...
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    Central Coast Off-Road Racers

    My friend and I are in SLO, we are trying to race our tacoma 1463 in the MDR series, we did about 3 laps in our first race but called it quits to save the truck. Not to bad considering how little time we had to get it running. We are currently trying to find a good shop or place to keep our...
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    DL7 SCORE Approved

    Too funny, I saw your truck just outside of Pismo Beach being towed. I saw it on the trailer and I was thinking it looked just like your truck but I figured it there was no way but I guess it was.
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    Blue C San Felipe $1000.00 Lottery

    - SCORE TROPHY TRUCK BobShepard - PROTRUCK: Gustavo Vildosola, Jr. - CLASS 1: Dale Ebberts - CLASS 1/2-1600: Caleb Gaddis - CLASS 3: Ken Leavitt - CLASS 5: Kevin Carr - CLASS 5-1600: Brent Shermak - CLASS 7: Victor Herrera, Jr - CLASS 7s Nick Moncure - CLASS 7sx:Jeff Lloyd -...
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    MDR Wild Wash 250

    I doubt anyone is going to find it but we lost one of our hella dual tones, If anyone has seen it let me know. I wonder if I can get just one of them from Kartek or Hella.
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    Wild Wash 250 Photos

    Any Pics of 1463 would be appreciated. Red Tacoma with white bedsides.
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    What horn is this?

    I am looking for a horn setup for my truck, I have heard them on some unlimited cars ( I think maybe the Wilson bros). The sound is more like an emergency vehicle/cop car sound. Almost sounds like a loud buzzing rather than a high pitch horn. Is it electric or air? Who makes it? I found a...
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    HnM Crash video

    Ok guys sorry about the wait. Big thanks to for hosting this for me. I would like to apologize for saying "Ya!!!" I didnt mean to sound excited that someone crashed. I was excited that we got it on video and whatever, Ive rolled...
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    MDR Barstow Updates

    That was the f 150, i dont know if its totalled but was pretty bad, I think I was the only one who got it on video, I should be able to post it sometime tomorrow.
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    ?s for 1450 racers

    Thanks for your answers, Dan: could you give me a breakdown on where that 2-6000 dollars is going on yours and fishes truck? Any more input is appreciated, Thanks again
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    ?s for 1450 racers

    For anyone who has raced 1450 more then a few times, I was wondering how much do you usually spend and what you do for prep etc. I know racing is expensive and ideally you would want to tear down the whole truck between each race etc. Off the top of my head I could see about 250 for entry...
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    Final testing session with Herman Motorsports

    I just put a long travel kit on my toyota, if I regear I bet I could keep up with that thing lol. Trophy trucks are soo ridiculous, I hope someday I get a ride in one, or better yet drive it!!!