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    Pressurized fueling accident (Crickets...)

    I was on the radio when the call went down and it was not a pretty one, this volunteer will carry the effects of this accident for the rest of his life after surgeries. The problem does not come down to trained professionals, it comes to the lowest common denominator the new volunteer, and all...
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    Pistol OK?

    My Thoughts and prayers are with the Sohren family, Bad things happen to good people, So sorry for your tragic loss. Words do not come, and just watched his Fathers Day Video. Pistol Pete was a incredible personality that lived his dreams while raising a wonderful Family. He did it with passion...
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    Pistol OK?

    Shocking gut punch, per James Coats Weatherman San Felipe the girls are all ok. Pete was T boned in the dunes above the Cortez at a high rate of speed. Both Pete and the other driver were killed in the accident. James said the girls Mother is on her way and they do have help and will let me know...
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    CALL for Support - Racers burned at Lucerne

    My thoughts and prayers are with Mike, Jared, and their families. Everything I have heard about this tragic accident is second hand from friends who raced on this team, I was not there. The Team was shaking down a relatively new Racecar that was a Race modified Textron XX in preparation for the...
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    Weatherman, Patience, Viva Baja!

    I understand the reasons to split channel, but the reason we do not is because with everyone monitoring this channel both at the race and on the live feed this is where the information is best understood by the most amount of people. We as a group need better etiquette and know when the...
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    Weatherman, Patience, Viva Baja!

    Not looking to reinvent the Weatherman channel and one of the big reasons people listen is because they can hear a tidbit that may help them in their race. Status is part of this when we are not busy. Status however should not be used so loosely and should be kept for long overdue vehicles. Big...
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    Weatherman, Patience, Viva Baja!

    This is a repost of my Lost and Found post PAB asked me to start a new thread: I lost my Patience at San Felipe 250, 212X please wait 30 minutes before you ask for status again! Spectator with Microphone while I love the sound of Trophy Trucks going by, every car off the start while we are...
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    San Felipe Lost and Found

    I lost my Patience at San Felipe 250, 212X please wait 30 minutes before you ask for status again! Spectator with Microphone while I love the sound of Trophy Trucks going by, every car off the start while we are having a Code Red is a Dick Move! 1212 please do not leave kids unattended with...
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    iPad noise

    P0715 Isolator is a 9 pin to 9 pin Ground isolator that will fix the problem if hooking up to PCI intercom unit, or some other brands with 9 pin molex plug on back. This isolater fixes the same problem that can occur when using outside power on your in car camera. Part number 378 on PCI site.
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    Lowrance Trophy 5M

    First thing to check when a unit is having a problem is pull SD card, sometimes a file on the card can make the machine unhappy. Second thing to do is a Hard Reset. Note you will need to back up any trails or files because a hard reset will erase machine. The Lowrance unit is a computer and...
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    What GPS to buy?

    HDS 7 Gen 2 is a touch model GPS and is wide screen, the Non Touch HDS 7 is a more square screen and is sometimes referred to as HDS 7 Gen 1. You can find anything on Ebay, but make sure you can return if does not work. A little Tip and a problem I see a bunch the Gen 1 models require the...
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    What GPS to buy?

    Put them on a 1 gig maximum size card and put card in machine, will read maps off of card. If you zoom out you will see the outlines around the different sections in Baja. 480 will not read cards larger than 1 Gig.
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    Race Radio choices Rugged

    I remember the Fair pits for sure and all the great help I received over the years from Fair! I hope to have my sons out racing in a few more years and we will be looking for a pitting club to help out for sure! I appreciate the loyalty, and work hard to make all PCI customers feel value in the...
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    What GPS to buy?

    The Beauty of Split screen is you leave it static and never get caught with your pants down zoomed in too close. Yes it would be nice to be able to see size better!
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    What GPS to buy?

    Leadnav has some very nice features and for those that prerun a ton and add notes it can be very valuable information. With that said I have never seen a Ipad screen that is near as bright as a Lowrance. My advice is Hybrid go with Lowrance screen to show you line of course and Leadnav to talk...