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    RIP kobe bryant

    What a bunch of dicks!
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    1/2 1600 thread ONLY

    Is mspina Mike Spina? Originally from Vegas?
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    Don't be afraid to go to Vegas to Reno to spectate. There are plenty of places to see the race go by. If you are going to watch Jeepspeed cars the I strongly recommend you hook up with Clive or Mike at tech and they will hook you up.
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    Driver side GPS in Race truck?

    How else do I know what time it is and when I'll finish.
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    Racingtrax for V2R Bikes

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    Has FISHGISTICS killed RDC forums?

    Let’s see, right now prior to this post we have a 16 year old asking if he can fit 35’s on his Chevy, and a guy looking for cheap pimp lights for his “prerunner” that only need to look like Rigid Lights. Yea RDC has gone downhill a bit lately.
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    BAJA 500 Accident Moto vs TT

    Bike going backwards?
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    What did you guys think of Millens maiden voyage ?

    Now someone should build a scaled up RC car and dominate! You could do backflips also.
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    #266 SF250 Race Report

    Does my Spec Truck make my penis look huge?
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    Missing person on Black Mountain truck trail, Riverside County

    Jay Nicholson has been posting the FB updates and this is from his last one a couple days ago. UPDATE: The man in the middle with the black Bennie and glasses is John (the man that’s been missing since January 5th) The three men also pictured are the ones that helped him get out the first time...
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    SCORE Stock Pro UTV

    I’ve read enough to determine this class is dead at the gate.
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    2019 Mint 400 information thread

    Swing and a miss on tracking. Seems like a premiere event would have the best out there.
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    What did you ride?

    Claude Olstiens??? I remember going there on my Honda Mini trail 50. Thought it was a million miles from San Dimas when I was a kid then when I bought a house in Chino Hills my brother said it was right about here.
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    Mint 400 Tech & Contingency tips (+pit safety) - Graphic pic warning

    Your best bet is to follow the written rule. Or you can always try your own method and complain on RDC how BITD sucks for enforcing their rules.
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    Mint 400 Tech & Contingency tips (+pit safety) - Graphic pic warning

    Best to actually read the rules. GPT12: All young children and pets must be kept out of the immediate area where vehicle will pit. Pets must be kept on a leash. All campfires must be kept out of immediate pit area. Campfires must not be placed between the track and pit vehicles. Campfires may...