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    Revive a dying class

    If you are at 50k income a year it would be best you do not attempt to race your own ride in any class. Your 10k dream ride would be 1/5 of your income and the minimum 2k per race would leave you without food money.
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    2021 KOH Toyo Desert Challenge - Live video, scoring and updates

    I was going to roll up and join some friends at the race but got sucked into the live feed instead, did manage to shower and dress but never left the livingroom. As for coverage and announcers I enjoyed the way Fish called the race and never heard him boast of how awesome he is in a Trophy...
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    Calling BITD, and Legacy and SNORE, 6800 rules

    Check Jeepspeed website. They run BITD schedule this year and have for a while. Things could change in the future.
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    Combining BITD classes

    My reply is to all of the above. This is only a few people yammering back and forth but Jeepspeed is a well run series that is self sufficient and has its own class structure. If you don’t understand it, just ignore it and keep racing your awesome almost a Trophy Truck.
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    Combining BITD classes

    You goofballs can just leave jeepspeed class structure alone. It takes care of its own rules and is self sufficient. Go back to hyping your own non performing, non existent program.
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    2020 SCORE Baja 1000 Live Stream, Tracking and Updates

    The Boot did some work last night. Pretty much started DFL and just about physical through all UTVs should be ahead of them on time.
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    2020 SCORE Baja 1000 Live Stream, Tracking and Updates

    Best movers I see before I go to bed are Campbell and Millen they have rowed through a bunch of cars to get where they are. I’m sure there are golf carts doing well but there are so many it’s hard to tell.
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    McKenzie's Rage at the River

    Mojave Trail is there year round. Rage 2 the River still happens.
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    Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster at KOH 2021 - More classes and settling some grudge matches

    Pull the body off the Ridgeline and run Class One.
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    So how many race vehicles made it through that dusty first turn?
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    Revive a dying class

    Spread is the word I was after.
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    Revive a dying class

    After powder coat all the parts speed all over the shop just need to jump on the chassis and we are done.
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    Revive a dying class

    I’ve raced 1700 for quite a spell and 6000 we ran two cars one season. For 2021 I’ll race a Pro Truck in 4700 here and there because neither Krellwitz or I want to chase points. Having tested the 4700 before tearing it down for a freshen up I have to say it’s going to be a hoot to run and we...
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    End this!