Perfect Race

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  • I want to race the 2010 season with lucas. I have one jr1 kart and my question is can my eight year old run the 250 modified class. He has been in the car for 7 or 8 months now and does very well?
    Happy Birthday lee!!!! Hope things are "bitchin" for ya today and good luck in the 2009 season! Miss working with ya.... take care,,,
    Well I would love to post what I thought about this but it would be too positive and everyone would think I was pulling for you guys. You didn't lead people on, well done.
    Lee, ya gotta get your 10 out for the Mint race. 30 cars last year.
    Thanks for pulling me and young master Chicas off of the race course Saturday. Stop by the Dirt Mob pit for a beer next time out. We should be out at the next MORE event.
    Hey Jim this is AzBajaman i pitted with you about 2 years ago for Agave, Hey i need your vote on RDC monthly submission vote for the goat family.....Thanks
    Thats right by my old house...ranchero and topaz..its a small world i worked for regie last year.
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