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    My big Thing

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    2022 GAS short course schedule

    Here is the 2022 Great American Short Course schedule. We had a great 2021 season even with Covid challenges etc at the start of the year. Looking for a bigger and better 2022. What did you like? What do you want to see next year? We lost the Reno track (sold) but we bought all the grandstands...
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    My big Thing

    Drug this up from from 3 years ago! Still have some aluminum work to do and some little details but I’ve been using it as. Occasionally cruise the streets or do a errand in it. Tried out the new BFGs and like the bigger tire in the back. Need to change the fuel tank for more foot room and put...
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    LOORRS Coming to Wheatland, MO!!!

    They have the land, equipment and workers already there in Wheatland and have talked about it for years. They are already moving dirt.
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    Where is Robby Woods, Steven Greinke and others?

    That was the old/first Robby Woods truck and the new owner. Luke Johnson in ex Siefert truck. Adam Dafner in ex Hart and Huntington truck.
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    What is worse?

    93 Mexicali Baja 1000 I rode in two Baldwin Class 1 cars for a total of 21 miles! Blew the Porsche engine in one just off the pavement, went 16 miles. Got in a second car later and lost belts in that car after going only a few miles. Then robbed axle and C/V off it to rescue third car that was...
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    Biker Sherlock, RIP...

    So sad. I have shook his hand on the podium almost every race for the last two years. He will be missed!
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    Where are all the single buggies??

    They must all be parked? Lost interest, no money? A few have sold but the entry numbers have steadily dropped. We used to have over 20 at the So Cal Regionals each race. Should the entry fee go back to the $150 instead of $300 with payback? A lot of guys like getting paid their payback on the...
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    ESPN 1995 Baja 1000 Tijuana-La Paz

    Ivan/PPI won in 98 I don't remember if he beat the bikes. I worked for PPI and chased the whole way that year, good times. The 95 race I rode the whole way in TT 86 with Jim Baldwin, 25 1/2 hrs I think we finished 8th or 9th. Alternator and a few minor problems, definitely accomplished a bucket...
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    I hate trophy karts too

    Bob the stock Kings will work fine, I have a set of shocks, old tires and maybe aluminum also give me a call. Maybe buy a couple parts off me and I can get a few things I need to finish my daughters JR1! Yes you need a sway bar. Kartek has a inexpensive little JAZ cell. And like in all racing...
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    Live Streaming The Future For Short Course?

    Anybody check out the Live Track Feed .com streaming of last weekends last Lucas Oil Regional race? Thoughts, critiques? Live Track Feed - Live Video of Lucas Offroad Racing
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    Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) Highlight Reel

    So awesome! Brings back a lot of great memories. Everyone had money and was racing back then till the economy tanked. I have Trophy Kart footage from the early kart races I need to put up sometime.
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    Trophy Kart rebuild, need some input...

    Go with the 450 engine from a major brand, most use Yamaha. The problem with the 250s is no electric start. Be careful with the China motors, I am not sure you can get parts.
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    Rory I have ran the BFG 7.50x16 on the front of my car and never had a front flat (nock on wood). The ones like Mike posted were the best not too aggressive on the edge, they have a really thick sidewall also. They are about 32.5" the same height as a Yokohama rear. They also have a traction...
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    Reno Regional Off Road Races

    Stand by Reno Regional racers. We had meetings today about this. Working on a date for a race and possible test. Need some staff and help If anyone isn't racing. Hit me up at Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today