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  • Pedro ! How are you doing ? Been following your ralley work, nice job.
    Missed the 500 this year, a first in a long time.
    Hope all is well. Cheers amigo.
    The dislike button gets abused when small minds with no argumental validity get frustrated.... must be awfull to defend a weak position.
    Not that is was me, But I have disliked people in the past that use profanity and things like DGAFR and so on because I enjoy coming on here and reading the posts, yet my 10 year old son likes to share in dad's passion. I don't enjoy him looking over my shoulder and saying Dad what does Chicken chit mean dad? nothing son....... ok I get it, it means chicken **** dad. And it gets worse from there.
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    I agree with you, from now on, I will refrain from using any language that may be offensive to children. That being said, I don´t think children should be invooved in a forum mostly visited by adults.
    I think it´s real chicken chit to "dislike" in the shadows of anonimty, .it's a whimp feature if you ask me.
    What are the chances for De Villier's this year ? Strong and consistent, runs in the top. Imperial program is strong and hungry without an ego.
    I think he definetly will place in top 10, probably top 5? but Peugeot IMO is gonna kick butt, dont be fooled by "first year doin this" mantra...these guys know what theyre doing, look a Pikes peak? came in and cleaned house, they play to win NOW
    Si, llega con todo....pero mas osciosos nosotros que le contestamos al viejito cascarrabias
    Thanks Pedro.... after losing another officer today from a neighboring city, I am asking myself the same question.
    Thanks! One more day of work and then I'm off to the Ridgecrest Night Race, so i appreciate it!
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