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    San Pedro Mártir Hill Climb

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    San Pedro Mártir Hillclimb

    Come join us this october 2-3 for the fourth running of this event. Car, Motorcycle, sidecar, sxs classes. look for it on facebook and instagram
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    San Pedro Mártir Hillclimb

    On the road to the National Astronomical Observatory. September 20-21 Cars, Motorcycles, sidecars.
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    JP, if we can´t argue about racers in a racing forum, specially in a thread that is the official Dakar about an article spreading nonsense and myopic, biased american ignorant views about rally raid because you get annoyed, then pound sand. This kind of bs is why I stopped coming here. Stay...
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    By all means, lets read your contribution....
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    Dakar '18 -Stage 12- Fiambalá > Chilecito > San Juan

    Rally Dakar 2018: Sainz acaba a 16:04 de Peterhansel y mantiene 44:41 en la General -
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    Beat me to it...I remember Mr. Tobin complaining about the first stage being "only" 35 KM. Some one said (I forget who) that Rallying is how smart people race. Rallying requires reading a roadbook, a rulebook, listening to your navigator and literally trusting him with your life. It is not just...
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    That is exactly the point I am trying to make Carlos, this guy is spreading nonsense and discouraging people to LEARN more about cross country rallying, thus further harming the process of reaching out to the American audience to make the sport more appealing to US manufacturers to invest in the...
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    Carlos, I know your love for Rob, but he glorifies him, and I did read the article. Another misconception the "author" is pushing is that the American contingent is low, when in fact, this year is the one with the most participants from the US EVER. The guy has no clue of what he writes about...
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    I think this article is so disrespectful to the guys who are representing the US in the Dakar, minimizing their effort. What a bunch of crapola. Furthermore, "...not the same without Robby Gordon"... baloney, this year has been one of the best since it moved to SA, even without RG. The Dakar is...
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    Dakar '18 -Stage 5- San Juan de Marcona > Arequipa

    What a great Rally this year is shaping up to be. 5 days of African style course to remind all that this is not a watered down SA version. Marc Coma has produced a great balance where brains and skill have to be used to their fullest. Not for the foolhardy, and certainly not for the faint of...
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    Dakar '18 - Stage 4 - San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona

    Great course this year so far.
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    Dakar '18 - Stage 3 - Pisco > San Juan de Marcona

    Those dunes will filter out a lot of people. This is where Al Attiyah will shine, the guy grew up in that type of environment. GDV is looking good. Seb not too good... Mr Dakar is just taking it easy...
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    So Loomis, it was the car´s fault? If my grandma had wings she would fly....