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  • Pete, Sorry to hear about your crash. I've been down that road, still have a rod in my leg after a tib, fib break. Were you driving or riding?
    Thanks. It's going to be long road but I will be back out there. I was riding.
    lemons was awesome as usual... we placed 19th out of 108 cars and we beat the agm guys. We also went home with the "Z cup" which is awarded tp the highest placing z car team....i just got back to az a few minutes ago... full race report soon...
    yea i was bummed we missed it but we had lemons to race so.... (in the race vs at the race) we will be at ridgecrest for the midnoght race. we sold the bug and are now officially trophy lite donkeys
    Oh I totally forgot about the video. This sucks but it's hilarious. So I'm over there for Christmas and my dad hands me his camera to download the video, he has no clue how, I pull it up and instead of you and 763, it's Vance in the total chaos truck passing some other 7 open truck. I don't know how you confuse those but he's old so what are you gonna do? If it makes you feel any better, he also pointed to a blue trophy lite in the video and thought that was our truck...note to self, don't get old. Sorry to get your hopes up, but now we have something to make fun of the old man about.

    Next time you see him give him a little guilt trip about it and I'll bet he'll buy you dinner :)
    Sorry for the delay. I just heard back from my Dad, it's on his camera and he is going to get it to me ASAP so I can send to you.

    It was good to race you guys again too. 2008 season we were the only 7s truck in several races, it was great to have some solid competition this year, especially guys that are out there having a good time and are friendly with the competing teams. I'm sure you know that's not always the case.

    We can't make BAP but hope to see you guys at the Mint!
    The 1000 was great! Truck ran perfect and we just kept plugging along. The only problem we had was getting stuck for 3 hours in a deep sandy wash south of San Felipe. It took a hi-lift jack and a 4x4 truck to get us out. Since we only lost by 2 hours it's hard not to think 'if only we hadn't got stuck we'd have won' but you just never know. If we were leading the race the entire mentality of the team would have been different and maybe we would have made a worse mistake and DNF'd. The course was INSANELY rough! I think we swapped 2nd place with Turley a few times. We were running the same frequency as them and could hear them the whole race so they were never far away. Then 35 miles from the finish they radio'd us and told us they were out of the race. The win would have been nice, but we're pretty darn happy with a 2nd place finish. Are we still going to see you guys at Laughlin????
    FAST Aid stickers will be available at our booth at contingency at SCORE Primm. That is actually the day we really do our whole launch. The website is up and you can sign up so we can twit or tweet or facebook update or whateve all the fast aid projects we have going. we are gonna be hosting safety classes at races too and that is something you and your team probably want to check out. Thanks for your support. Check with Gabby (our secretary) about putting a link on your site and vice versa. We are giving away free waters and will be raffling some stuff at Primm too. Generator I think is in the works for that too.

    Nah not gonna be at Score Primm. gonna be in Maui. the team will be there though. we also are officiall launching the "Fast aid" program there... check the link in my sig line for info. gonna be a cool project for all racers. we are looking for all the support we can get....
    I'm pitting for Dailey Motorsports and the DA. So I'll be with them all weekend. Probably getting into town late friday night
    friday morning early. should be gettin in at about 3 or so in the afternoon. We are staying at the "Herritage Hotel" with the DA guys. Party over here!!!!!
    yep. I dunno what the schedule is though. Pat is not gettin to town till friday afternoon. It is open dezert though. Last time he took off at like eleven at night all of a suddden and ran another lap.
    yea. We are gonna be there. Actually we are gonna have a huge crew this time. We usually roll deep but this will be even bigger. You goin? whats yer truck number?
    We use them all the time and they sponsor us for some stuff. Our shop is right down the road from them and we have worked with them for years, since I was a pip-squeek.
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