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    Dakar updates From Johnny Campbell

    What we used to do because we could not afford the high end proximity race gps's we used to have hidden wp on elevated ground with a spotter on top so we would do a visual confirmation & we would match up the gps tracks of each racer along with the roadbook track which they had to hand in at the...
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    Dakar updates From Johnny Campbell

    Hi Hogwild , the only thing I dont quite understand is how do you make sure there are no Hidden wp, when I wrote the roadbooks for our local rallies I would track the stage on GE and check the most tempting areas where racers would cut & we would throw in a hidden way point , it was more of a...
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    2015 Dakar Stage 8 UYUNI -> IQUIQUE

    If RG wants a real chance at dakar he needs to race the same car at least 3-4 times a year I dont care how much he tested it or how much time it took to build, he needs to race it more often Dakar needs a full time commitment that is why factory teams get it right, because there are people who...
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    2015 Dakar Rally - Dream Racer DVD Giveaways!

    STAGE 2: 5 JANUARY VILLA CARLOS PAZ - SAN JUAN SPECIAL: 518 KM #1 Nasser #2 Terranova #3 Devilliers
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    Beetle to attempt Dakar

    WTF car 353 HERBIE "53" just finished stage 1 in the 53rd position !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The "Official" Dakar 2015 Thread

    Whats with Guerlain Chicherit Buggy is that CF tubing ? wraped his cage in CF or is that a decal or what ??
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    How would a TT hold up in Dakar?

    Eric Vigouroux was not a typical TT or a typical Class 1 buggy, he was racing 2WD to be allowed larger tires/ more travel & CTIS, saying that the main handicap for this type of race cars is getting stuck, specially in the great sand sea & Sahara sands which IMO are way softer than Glamis / South...
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    The "Official" Dakar 2015 Thread

    More JLS at the Pharaons rally 2010 he was clocked on the iritrack at 210kmh
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    Pharaons Rally

    Usually the pharaohs rally is in October was only moved this year due to some concerns however the weather in October is just beautiful
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    Pharaons Rally

    This year the track was very scenic on the racing & the touristic levels, you start by the red sea ( should be really great next october) pass through the ancient trade way down to the Nile valley ( ancient Egyptian sites with all the temples) cross to the west of the Nile to the Great sand...
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    A arm baja

    Nice build we need more specs . What shocks are these
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    my 1968 long travel bug

    Wow specs ?? trac width ? awesome build
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    I need to Check my A-Arm suspension Geometry to desert race!

    How did you achieve 0 Bumpsteer with Unequal non-parallel whishbone. For FIA spec I think you still have 10 cm of track width why dont you use that as well How much plunge did you get with rear suspension cycle =, What angle are you at?
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    Bolt-on A-arm Bug Chassis

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    Bolt-on A-arm Bug Chassis

    i have a bug body model in solidworkd which cad software are you using