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    We sure have come a long way, but there is still a lot to do...
    Now, I'm jealous cuz you reminded me you are already in Colo. My wife's up near Arvada, and I'm still in the Sonoran! But I did learn I'm going back to the Big Island next year. :D
    Coming from your ideologue's point of view, I consider that a compliment. Guess we're back where we were in '96. I raise the ire of those on the extreme left even more, so I feel pretty good about it all. I'm happy, hope you are and I know we are both looking forward to the debut of your Dunn-Tech. IIRC, that should be at the CCO 250, and my team plans to be there. What class you planning to enter? I'll try and not bump you and I hope you will return the favor.

    I do find it funny how much we share, like love of the dez, the Big Island, SW Colorado, etc. and yet how much we differ. I try and remember and respect that and hope you do, too.

    Have a great summer, make lots of money, but please don't destroy AT&T, my wife likes her pension! :)
    Hey Tubby, go call a WAAAAAAMBULANCE!

    Now get your asbestos suit on and get ready for the frying pan pendejo. You'll thank me when I am done with you.
    Now you attack me on my visitors page ?
    Angry cause even your friends call you out on your stupid posts ?
    Being Pat Chicas doesnt give you the right to be an all around a-hole.
    Your just a little person, really small who lives in a bubble full of crap.
    Must be really ugly being you, so angry and judgemental. Get another hobby cerote !!

    el tiburon
    I am confident we will race MORE in September. Another couple of months for the car and a lot of summer stuff precludes a race effort sooner.
    Whats the latest on the Dunn-Tech? I'm looking forward to seeing you in it. And are you going to the MORE race Saturday? Thanks!
    I babble and then thing?yes I like you too.And I do think I just don`t care what other people want me to or not to say.
    Whats up Pat?I here you have a gang of internet groupies these days that like to ding peoples rep that don`t agree with your thoughts.haha are you guys racing the next MORE race?If so stop by start finish and say Hi.Later dude
    Rob, your code should look like (url=link to file to play music)(img)link to button image(/img)(/url)

    Substitute [ for ( and ] for )

    I have been tied up migrating Dirtmob.com and Baja.net to Off-road.org. Lots of time needed to do this to preserve everything.
    Could you take a look at the post in the BBS test section... Testing 1,2,3... And tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if I can't do what I'm trying to do.... Missed you lately... Robert Real
    Awesome man, I'd be glad to join.. I love the Off Road online crowd already and I'm sure its even better during races and meets. About 100x better than the Drifting and Import car forums that I used to frequent.

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