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  • I thought I recognized those houses east of yours. I am at Tee Pee and Elkhorn. Are you the one that is always running around in a Razor up there?
    Thanks Mike,

    We need to stiffen up the back of the car., I really had to take it easy on the Falujuah loop. Better, if I just lose some weight. Too damn busy with work to exercise and eat right..
    I just wanted to tell you thanks for all the info you provide us. We all might not agree, but I commend your courage of your convictions, and am glad we met on the net so long ago. Hope all your loved ones are doing fine and are able to weather the current crisisses.
    Your always puttin the facts not the fiction! Who are all these creepy Dems on the Dezert Forums?? Do they even know where they are at?
    Pat....I still enjoy the topics you bring to the table for all to see, and some who don't like it just don't know how to act. I appreciate your posts and always look forward to reading more...
    "Being young and stupid is nothing to be proud of. Being young, stupid, dishonest and arrogant should be your ticket psychotherapy."
    Go ahead and call me young and stupid all you want; its partially true. But calling me dishonest? I am one of the most honest people you will meet i don't know where your crazy old a** came up with that, and arrogant? LOOK WHOS TALKING how have i been arrogant in any way shape or form please i would really like to hear what the voices in your head tell you to say.
    Sorry, but I wasn't referring to my random thought rants in Purple, but when I ask questions in the Desert Racing Forum. That's where the name calling begins. My posts in Purple are usually just crap off the top of my head like I just don't like Joe Biden. I used to be a carny many years ago ('til the CA child authorities caught on), but I can't understand why folks can't see through his act.

    I have noticed a lack in folk's "reading for comprehension" skills and a epidemic of ADD.

    GG invited me to join the DA, I did, but I haven't received my benefits package and entitlements.

    My father surrendered his .45 once, taught me to never do it less'n a Missourian is standing behind me with atomic bombs. Dad gave me my first .22 at 5, wouldn't let me have a bb or pellet gun.


    Just some thoughts.

    Your posts tend to have a bit too much info in the body while the subject line is commonly, not too enticing.

    For me, my time here is limited and I usually only follow my own posts so, I appologize for not partaking in yours. I'll try better in the future.

    The DA people. I don't get the whole thing. There are some great racers there but if it were me, I'd be a bit more subtle or selective about the "party down" side of things especially if I ever had to tread on hypocrisy which it appears has already happened. Consider the "MySpace Syndrome of later regret" as something similar. At ORC we did a lot to lighten up the lifestyle of the community but, in my impression our coverage was not about ORC or the ORC people but about what we were witnessing and being involved in. Fidel was the master at finding that content. It remains a shame that some publication is not using his talents today.

    We keep our ammo in the gun safe - at least most of it. :)
    Howdy Pat!

    Perhaps you can help me understand why when I ask questions on RDC, for instance, about HNR, I get labeled a left-wing liberal. Shepard Smith asks questions, he gets labeled conservative because Rupert Murdoch employs him. Is it my ASU degree from the Wally Crotchrot School of Propaganda? They didn't call it that when I graduated and many of my profs were Mormon.

    And then the questions I ask never are addressed.

    I also don't understand Cam Steele. He presents this hip, cool, anarchist Desert Assassins persona, but then expresses a desire to make rules for others. Is he just a hypocrite and poseur, or am I missing something in my doddering decrepitude?

    My wife thinks I'm a right-wing gun nut. I thought everybody kept lots of ammunition under the bed?

    howdy! It will be in stuckthrottle's hands tomorrow for copying and once that's done, I'll post up and try to figure out how to get it to everyone lol...
    Still looking forward to meetin you at a race someday. Not that we'll have all that much to talk about, seems we agree on just about every topic ever mentioned on here!!!
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