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    10' shocks in stock ranger

    so i want to put 10' or 8' coilovers in the front of my 02 ranger so i can get some decent suspension for little fun without getting a whole suspention kit is this possible to make them fit???? advise would be great.
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    prerunner rear suspention question

    im looking at building or buying a prerunner and daily driver i can go to school in im thinkin ford ranger or toyota pickup i whant to keep the bed how much travle will i be able to get n the rear without building a bulky bed cage
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    4 banger or v6

    so im looking at prerunners and saw 4 bangers and v6 prerunner. iam looking for a daily driver and prerunner (somthing to have some fun in while still having a bed) i wont be in the deep sand or really sand at all, probly in nevada. is there any reson a 4 banger wouldnt work cause they sound...
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    prerunner motor question

    so i have been whanting to build a prerunner i think i want to build a ranger sounds the cheapest, and found a bunch of rangers on craigslist and some of the more inexpensive ones have 4cyl in them. And was wandering if 4cyl would have enough torque and or power to get up to speed in sand to...
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    RENO Wild West Motorsports Park Thread- Photos and Videos here!

    Hey Dirty, will there be any discount coupons in the Reno area?
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    Official LOORRS CBS - SPEED Discussion / Info Thread -

    Shaun sent you a Private Message. (9five9)
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    New Race venue

    You should post this on VORRA also.
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    Are four cylinders still aloud in the LOORRS.

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Thats a impressive field.
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    Are four cylinders still aloud in the LOORRS.

    If the four cylinder are aloud, who's running four cylinder and who's running v-8's in Pro-lite? Also has there been any set date four the end of the four cylinder.
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    Reno Vs. Crandon, Good or Bad Idea?

    I don't understand why every vendor is not cheering that shortcoarse racing is doing very well in this economy and this is a chance to expand their busness? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding that the vendors of shortcoarse only sell to shortcoase racers and never sell to any other type of...
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    What V8 ProLight did Deegan run at the BigHouse?

    So did any of those tough questions get ask? So whats up with the dyno numbers of each brand of motor? Anything get answered?
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    LOORRS 2012 New Venue?

    What show would that be?
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    LOORRS 2012 New Venue?

    Ricky Johnson is doing some of the offroad coarses for superlite somewhere in the reno area. Reno has been hit hard by the Indian cacinios(sp?) and the city seems to be vary open to motor sports in the area. I've seen supermoto, rock crawling, and raod coarse's built all in the downtown area...
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    SuperLite Short Course Off Road Racing School w/ Ricky Johnson

    I kmow this is not Lucas bringen the big show to town but its good to see that somebody has found this diamond in the rough, I've been to Reno to watch alot of racing and Reno seems to like the tourism and the racing. I'm not sure where the Reno motorplex is? But i'm guessing it's the new...