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  • Adam, I dont think your too old but dont quote me on that. They get expensive really quick, like anything else plus you need ot tow it etc and of course for the racing you need to travel to the races. I think most of them are run along with the CORR series. I know they run them by my house at the Lake elsinore MX track. Good luck on whatever you decide, but iif it were me I owuld concentrate on your truck or find a baja cheap that you can play in and tow out easily.
    hey thanks alot for all the info! im puting the rear suspension off for just a little while. im moving to ventura in 2 months and im thinking about investing into a trophy kart. what are your ideas about that. im only 18 and i wanna get into it. am i to old to race them? if you know anything about that let me know.
    hey thanks alot for the advice man. I know its not cheap i was just seeing if there was any other way. but what kind of shocks should i go with?
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