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  • We run Mickey Thompson Baja Pros. They sprin way too much for the hp we're generating. Will change to more aggressive tire next time out. Motor and car came out of race very well. Need a prep and tires and will be ready to give it another shot.
    We had other issues away from mechanical. A complete jack failure during our only tire change that took us out of the top 10 for sure. Took 2 hours to change one tire on lap 2.
    Our stock computer ran much stronger than anticipated in its first race at Parker. Completed the race without a single hiccup from the system. Extremely satisfied.
    thanks a lot rick,
    the car needs a new cell and dual port the motor and freshen it up. then some testing and race next year.
    Do you guys do 9 car transmission and cocran phone number?
    Best of Luck at Primm Rick. It's gonna be an awesome race to watch. Hopefully we can all hang out at another victory party in a couple of weeks.
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