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  • Drew,
    Got a little more info for you on the airshow thing it is going to be on March 13th. So if you aren't going to be racing that weekend and would like to do it get in contact with Doug Wasser he has all of the info that we have on it so far. We got DRIVE and D-38 a 65'X65' canopy on the flight line and are trying to pack as many trucks, buggies, bikes whatever in there as we can.
    Just let me know the dates and leave me a name and cell # and if we can do it we will.
    Drew, good luck with the 1000 man! I'm not sure if you would be interested at all but I know James talked to Doug about setting up a booth for Drive at the airshow we have on the base in March. We would also like to get a couple of static displays out here with a couple of trucks, buggies, etc... If this is something you would be interested in either let myself or Doug know if you would be interested at all I know the Baja 250 is pretty close to the same time so I completely understand if you can't but like I said let me know either way.
    Drew, I have been meaning to give you a call but have been pretty busy. So I figured I would drop you a line on here real quick. I just wanted to say thanks again for the donation and I look forward to seeing you at the future races. Are you going to be at the Plaster Clean-Up?
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