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    My Mint 400 @@PHOTOS@@

    8199 ??
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    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    the motorcycle guy that pulled his tooth out his pocket and put in his mouth and before he would start his interview was awesome :D:D
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    Fun with Classifieds!

    Rumor is that no one has seen or heard from that guy ever since the picture ;)
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    Review your MINT 400 Race

    The guys in my crew were saying it was the best tracking they've ever used. Good job!
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    Sportsman Buggy Build

    any updates?
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    Cad model of Foddrill spindle

    This may be a long shot but does any have a Foddrill King Kong Spindle modeled for a cad program that I can use for a project????
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    LS1 upgrades

    I need to rebuild my stock corvette LS1 5.7L so I was thinking about upgrading my cam and possibly heads for some extra horse power. Not looking at doing anything crazy, just looking for the best bang for my buck. What do you recommend? I currently have a MEFI 4 computer on it but was thinking...
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    LS1 Idle Issues

    Thanks I will give this a try. Just had to tear the engine down, had detination issues which made holes in 2 of the pistons. So it might be awhile it gets started up again.
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    LS1 Idle Issues

    Is there a check engine light? NO Does the engine only die when the idle fluctuates and the fans come on? Yes typically when the fans come one. Does the idle fluctuate after the engine is up to temp, or intermittently on startup? It does it when it warms up, not when it is initially...
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    Why wont my car crank over?

    Well in case anyone is still interested, just took off the heads and here is what I found. 2 broken pistons and some damage to the head. So did this happen from running the car too lean, therefore running to hot? Do I need to raise the fuel pressure?
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    Why wont my car crank over?

    nothing personal taken here. Thanks for everyones input!
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    Why wont my car crank over?

    Thanks for the info. Question though, my water temp never went over 197 and I never noticed my radiator fluid level every being significantly low. Can these signs be unrelated to the engine overheating and losing water to the cylinders? Thanks!
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    Why wont my car crank over?

    Where do you recommend the fuse gets installed?
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    Why wont my car crank over?

    The engine is aready out of the car. Is there any other way of checking this? thanks!
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    Why wont my car crank over?

    I just pulled the engine yesterday because I could hear something in there moving around but havent figured out what it is yet. The oil has alot of grey streaks in it, not sure what it is. Found a couple of small pieces of metal, about the size of a ball point pen in the pan. 2 of the plugs...