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  • so anything further on the theft?i heard some of the stuff was recovered but not all,good luck and if you need some help or legs broken let me know im game.
    Hey Rob,

    It's Ken johnson. I run the SXS Stadium series at the Perris Auto Speedway. Our next round is Aug 22 and we are looking to get some all star drivers to run an Adult Trophy Kart Class. The cars will be provided. All the cars will be 250cc kxf/crf style motors. Let me know if this sounds interesting. So far Casey Curry is onboard.. Thanks Ken
    FOR SALE..???? so going to U-2 next year then huh.. cant wait to see you in that field.. so $75K sounds good.. you take 100yr payments??? lol Have A good 4th of July, and see you in Elsinore here again soon!
    Hey rob,
    Good luck this weekend and try not to feel the pressure of racing in YOUR backyard. I hope you have a lot of friends and family there to see you and support your efforts. You deserve every pat on the back that you'll get this weekend. HOPEFULLY mini-me wont steal the show,,,, orrrrrr,,,, how cool would it be IF she did?! Anyway, best of luck to you both!
    Hey Rob, saw the post for the wrap. would love to have the opportunity to work with you. I can be reached at (559) 289-0065 or by email at thanks Rob. Dan Roth
    hey rob, any bites on the prolite? Sure is crazy all of the stuff going on and still know body has a clue whats going on??? Give me a call I lost my phone and all the numbers 702-491-5252.

    I was told you have a Birthday today.So Happy Birthday Rob and Merry Christmas to you and your familly
    Good Luck this weekend at Primm Rob!
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