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  • hey kyle i tried the number and it was some one else. We are trying to go to az next weekend for the regional and practice the motor is out getting rebuilt but if everything goes right we will make it otherwise first race will be at suprise.
    619 719 8575 scott
    Kyle can you ring me? Want to give away copies of the mint dvd at the door with stickers.

    Hey Kyle i had a question about the swap meet. 1 is it outside? 2 after we set up do we have to stay there until its over?
    Hey Kyle,
    We have a superlite coming for sheldon late this month wonder if you would be interested in working with him at glen helen early next month we plan on racing the full regional series to get him ready for lucas when he turns 14 in sept. we want to be totally prepared when that day comes and would love your help and input in the superlite.
    Thanks Scott Creed
    hey kyle what do you guys think about getting some of our bad ass billet race mirrors on the new trophy truck.we can engrave anything you guys would want to put on them to really make it bad ass.let me know.thanks garry machine trix unlimited
    Hey Kyle, I ran into you at the trophy kart world championship when you were making video. Did you get a chance to post that up yet. My son was the orange #564.
    Tell your dad I wanna know the proper strategy for moving one's self out of Western Mass and into West Coast :p
    Hey if you guys need any help up here in WI let me know, I am a friend of Jerry Callaways and my shop is about 5 miles from his, we have a full line parts store, engine dyno, fab shop or if you need a hand over at Jerrys shop preppin trucks let me know. I am building a new spec chassis right now and have been in sporty 2 for 6 years so I know my way around the truck pretty well. Curt helped me out a few years back so I would gladly return the favor.
    hey what up man hows it going. see ur starting the season pretty good man thats cool keep it going man.
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