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  • if there's anything we can do to get you back up and racing let me know ok, thanks again
    thanks pitman, i had to do what i had to do and that's the bottom line cus stone cold said so lol. really appreciate the ty tho and wish you and yours the best for the rest of the year and many years to come thanks again your friend danny aka the dr.
    You are officially invited to the MOSS Pizza Place NEXT Thursday, October 30, 2008 somewhere in Mission Viejo (more details can be found in the Meet 'n Greet thread)!~
    "There is a cat chat room somewhere else" Dude that was hysterical... LMAO... you may be the only one not drooling over her new additions-lol Hope you had a great weekend!! Ocotillo was awesome!! But hot!! :eek:
    Wow that's a drive and it would kill me to put that much gas in my truck that many times a week!! :eek: lol but making the big bucks at least helps :D lol
    ha ha if I had a driving job I'd be driving a car too :D that's why I quit my job in Solana Beach to work in Vista... lol 16 miles and 45 minutes versus 7 miles and 15 minutes :D it wasn't a hard choice :D lol
    LMAO-I don't know you like it? I'm more of a truck girl lol :D Cars serve there purpose... lol I don't think I'd ever get one though... oh ha ha I guess I have one but it's cool :) lol Hoopties are the best :D
    they are sick.. and super cheap right now... no one want to pay the gas especially on V8 lol well hey once you're saying "I've got to work at 6" again :D maybe it will be in the cards :D
    ha ha I like it here :) and thank you... :eek: I love my truck too!! :D I'll love it even more once i get a bumper on it LMAO! :D
    that's good as long as YOU love where you live everyone else can go to hell :D lol I love Oceanside... I don't care what the haters say :D
    ha ha ya... or just what are you doing in Esco lol... not my favorite place... people can't drive there lol Plus my ex is moving there... so it's not a place you will find me :D lol
    That's cool I like the Titan's I have an Xterra-I'm just glad it's paid off and it's MINE :D lol What are you doing now in Esco?
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