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  • Anthony,
    What is your bottom $ on your honda and what does that include?
    thank you,
    I am interested in your Honda engine. Let me know how much you want and what all you're getting rid of (carb, intake, dist, etc). I don't check my pm's so e-mail me at Thanks,

    Ecotec has a baseball sized hole in the block. I'm done for this season but I am working hard on next seasons program already.
    hi anthony my name is tom young been in the industry for years, i been with simon n simon,rcr, leduc, sacio, douglas early years, and a friend of mine said you might need help at primm??? let me know id love to be there im allready in vegas.
    619-665-8657 tom
    Hey would you be willing to pay for 2 crew passes if I had 2 guys that will commit to the season to help both of us?
    Yes, we have decided to take one car up there to practice, it just makes sence at this point, plus it would be nice to hang out with the guys again and see what is going on with the Lucas show, I really cant wait.
    This is our chance to get all the big guys in Arizona at Firebird on October 31st. Can you help. Please give me a call if you can 602-708-0780.

    John Martensen
    can you email me some pics and specs as well as price for just the car and then another for a price with all the spares package
    Check with Transwestern Commercial Properties in NB they have some older units accross from the JW airport that they lease for pretty cheap 1000'-7000' ground level with roll up doors, not sure if it will take an moho!
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