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    April 6th Johnson Valley Land Use Meeting

    I am not sure how many people get the notifications for these meetings. Disappointing these are held in Lucerne on a big race weekend in Mexico. Seems intentional although after attending the meeting last year, I am not sure it would matter. Only 3 other attendees besides me and my family...
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    Johnson Valley Shared Use Area Public Meeting

    I will be making my way out to the meeting Saturday. I have inquired numerous times about a kmz or usr file of the boundary lines so I can load it into my GPS. The answers have ranged from "You will need to contact the Marines" to "We are still working to figure it out." I have tried to reach...
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    Johnson Valley Shared Use Area Public Meeting

    It does not seem as though the Save the Desert section gets much attention so I will leave this here. For those that live in Southern California that might be interested in attending. From the Marines 29 Palms External Affairs page Johnson Valley "Representatives from the Marine Corps and...
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    Johnson Valley Shared Use Area Temporary Closure Notice, August 1-30, 2016

    I had my brother post the email and links because I was not able to at the time. I spoke with Katrina Symons a few months back with regards to getting a GPS file so that we could ensure that we did not cross into the military zone when out riding out bikes through the hills. ACME –IMHO...
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    In tank fuel pumps

    I just finished mine. Have not had a chance to test it out yet. This is an EFI Bosch pump. Thanks Wayne for the help.
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    Caption this Pistol Pete Photo!

    "Hot Ice"
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    cooled shocks

    How about some useful information. Water jackets on the shock bodies have been done before. Water from the radiator is run through a heat exchanger that then heats/cools the water that is pumped through the water jackets on the shocks. Look at the super 1600 cars that raced the stadium series...
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    That is correct. I had it at my house for a while to do some work on it. Those pictures were from when I took it out to the old ROR track when it was under construction. Todd's wife has a Pilot that was built by Geiser with the same 500cc motor and power steering. The super lite will destroy...
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    What would you buy?

    I will take the GT-40. I seriously doubt that Ford would call me up and require me to change the wheel/tire/exhaust/whatever package every so many months. That being said, the GT would be cheaper to own in the long run.:D:D:D:D:D
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    Call up BSR West (951) 360-1854. They have seals that press into the ID of the axle tube on the hub end and seal around the axle shaft. This keeps the oil out of the hubs. You just have to run grease in the bearings instead of gear oil. I use to have this same problem. The seals would leak...
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    shock boots?

    I hope no one minds, but I pulled these out of one of the Baja 500 Threads as an example. Front shocks will get hit with rocks. While this is an extreme example, the smaller ones do the damage. Any kind of rough nick on the shock shafts will tear the seals and also destroy the bearing in the...
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    Ashley/Smith's Old Truck

    If this is the same truck, notice the 4 WD beams. They are reversed.
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    Best place to buy Dimple dies?

    Try Mittler Brothers, and look under Flare Tools. I have a set and they work great. They sell them separately or in a set. 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 1 3/4, 2, 2 1/2 http://www.mittlerbros.com/
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    Shock revalve

    Let me clarify, Aluminum "V" blocks. I have blocks that are cut for different diameter shock shafts. These are a must for changing out the ends on bump stops. It's difficult to get enough clamping force with a vice. A press is the way to go.
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    Shock revalve

    -NEVER (not even by hand) cycle the chock when it is not charged. One way to tell if the dividing piston has failed is to shake the shock. If it has failed you will hear fluid sloshing around. -When re-assembling the shock, after the rod-guide snap ring has been replaced, charge the shock...