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    baja 1000 consecutive peninsula runs question

    I was suggesting having the Baja 1000 as a loop in Baja Sur. November is nice in the south. The calendar space for a 4th race is July-August , really hot. Sept is to close to Nov and conflicts with Loreto 400.
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    baja 1000 consecutive peninsula runs question

    If the new Score is open to a new thought ,, how about a loop race in Baja Sur ? Great tracks , huge fan support , possible support and more involvement from Mexican race organizations and teams. I like Loreto to Loreto combining Loreto 400, Constituion and Dos Mares tracks. Cabo to Cabo , stay...
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    TJ border crossing

    I have made around 10 crossings with other peoples stuff, boat, trucks, bikes, and was checked 1 time. I always had paper in order and a note from owner signed and dated saying why I had it and purpose to transport. If they suspect your taking stuff in to sell it you are screwed. The note helps...
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    The guy is zip tying lose wires from the colision that took the front hood offl
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    Fuel tower????

    I watched a very experienced team do fuel from a tower and a tire and driver change in Loreto. They did a walk thru before the the truck arrived and had leakage ,possible check valve problem. During the refuel they had trouble getting a positive connection and ended up with three guys pushing...
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    Does This Combination Exist?

    Just a suggestion, but don't build an ish. Build to a class rule and its much more valuable over time. Hard to sell an ish.
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    1000 Chasing Advice Please

    The shortcut side roads have a nice variety of washboard that can rattle an empty trailer to failure. What I remember of southern part of 5 is great views ,washboard from hell and 2 explodes shocks on the pick-up.
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    SCORE rule changes jan 2011

    The mix and match of current cars and different power plants looks like it could get interesting. Could this be a way of getting a more available less expensive powerplant in a race car by changing its number? I am asking for opinions on this, I really don"T know the motors but have read a...
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    SCORE rule changes jan 2011

    I am just a fan, therefore unworthy of a opinion ,but fans do play a part in the success of offroad racing . Thats something Sal Fish seems to not forget . In my opinion anyone who figures out how to make money in off road should be admired. Anyone who sticks with something as long as he has and...
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    Would SNORE ever promote a Baja race?

    Snore does rhyme with Score. Maybe that makes it possible.
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    Dakar 2011 Stage 7 - Arica - Antofagasta

    They changed 7 to less hard stuff and more rest and repair time to get ready for the return legs.
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    Vintage Movie, "Dirt"

    Netflix has it available.
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    Driver to co-driver communicating This seems simple sitting at my computor. I have never sat the real seat, but have spent a lot of time as a fan. I make no claim as an expert but it seems like the rally guys go so fast because they know whats coming with a pace note...
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    Driver to co-driver communicating

    I am just a fan, still , but I follow off road and rally racing to a lesser degree and have always thought that the rally pace notes and code talk to communicate between navigator and driver could work in off road. It seems like the AGM team is using a form of pace notes by watching their...
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    East side Baja trip questions and advice?

    Get that 2008 Baja 1000 map. La Ramosa, the loop south of SF and then head for Erindera on the pacific side. Camp out some. Watch the weather and get local reports on your planned route when your down there before you head out. Between now and then some areas will get bad to impassable. Old baja...