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    Class 7

    Don't tell us about it, get it done. It's not raining right now Thomas, just pull down the garage door and turn on the afterbuner (heater) to warm it up in their. Besides, even if you don't get it done before you leave for Parker, you've still got untill the green flag drops to get it done.
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    So Much Drama in The RDC....

    +1 That was a good thread, to bad more threads like it didn't follow after that. More how to threads should be done,I know their are quite a few guys who really know their stuff and could teach us all quite a bit.
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    2007 Suzuki DR-Z400SM

    Who has one or know someone who has one??? Likes, dislikes??? Gas mileage??? I'm looking at getting a motard and this looks like my choice. I just wanted to get some more reviews on the bike if anyone has one, all the other review I've read are good.
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    'Love Taps', Nerfing and Ramming

    I disagree. I have been nerfed by drivers with so called talent. We drive a class 7 and when you get plowed by a TT whom is already an hour behind the pack and their is enough room to just go around, I would say their just being pricks. Their is no reason for it. I won't disclose the names...
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    POST #3 gets OVERALL At Baja 250 after review

    From what I heard there is video of Post being pulled over. My guess would be that they have the video and are using that to get the 4:33. Just a speculation
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    Pistol Pete looking for a mate...again?!?!

    No kidding. Everyone is carrying on about a RACING incident. When people are racing you will get a little rubbing and bumping whether it is purposeful or accidental. Bottom line, no one was hurt, no ones car was taken out do to a purposeful action.
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    Leap Results

    I was shocked with the distances too. I know last year their was like almost 40 feet of distance between the TT's and the 7's and this year only 6 feet. The wind must have been nasty, I know it's been cold and a little breezy the last 4 years for the leap. I'm so bummed I missing it this year.
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    I work at a shop that does re-powers on commercial fishing boats and private yachts. I see a lot of ZF and Twin disc trannys come in out our doors, it's about 50/50 v-drive. Do you have any good pictures you could post of both the inside and outside of those trannys? I would love to see...
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    Good set of drill bits

    MAC tools colbalt drill bits are pretty nice, not cheap however they have a lifetime warrenty on breakage, not blueing or dulling. I think if I remember correctly a 29 peice set is about $250
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    Thing Motorsports Class 7 #701 gets Second in Baja 1000

    Our team (B & B Racing #704) was at the BFG pits at LA Bay helping out while we waited for our truck, we all thought you guys were done when we saw the cracked transmission cooler. We knew the JB weld would hold, but for how long we didn't know.
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    Just in, sneak peak of the new Jesse James TT body

    The bodie looks really nice. Any bets on how long it will look like that??? Or will he have his guys take off the hood and the rest of the body panel right around the start line??? As far as the rule pertaining to “body must look stock”. I think Jesse thinks he’s still on monster garage...
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    Bay of LA to Loreto Pre-run update

    Things haven't really gotten much better down their. It took the Scott and Dan two days to pre runn 50 miles in a 4wd ranger. They went to pre runn from Bay of LA to Loreto, but most of the pre runn was spent on the highway because it was so nasty. Curt LeDuc had to pull them out yesterday by...
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    Not seen every day.........

    At the 500 in 2004 we plowed that old blue truck before you get to ojos. There was a little silt bed spot that that guy got stuck in, and you couldn't see a thing because of the dust. All of the spectators around were flagging us through to what we thought was a clean course ahead, but, nope...
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    New Class 7 From Mexicali

    Who is the truck for? Is it some one who is currently racing or someone new? That glass is pretty sick.
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    Simon & Simon rollover video?

    That was a nasty wreck. I'm surprised that John came back to racing after that wreck. The footage of it is at the end of "ROCK BUSTERS", it's a pretty lame video, sorta funny to see all the straight front axle trucks.