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    Chenowth Desert Patrol Vehicle Restoration

    IIRC, most,if not all had Mastercraft seats in them. In 1982, while MC was still in Chula Vista, a friend and I stopped to check them out and I was offered a pair of seats for my truck. I put the money down and got them. Still have them and the original order sheet. They are covered in jungle...
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    Found a dog

    A friend was at Ocotillo this week and a lost f=dog wandered into their camp. If you're missing a white with blue eyes dog, please let them know. 760-409-8669
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    Paddle size

    Sorry, now this is a month late. I've got a 3.5 in a Desert Dynamics chassis and use the Sandblaster 33's, been working great for 5 years.
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    Australian 'Trophy Truck' Build. BMS#1.5

    Cool, staying tuned :-)
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    Power steering question..

    Great, hope it works for you. The hoses had to be absolutely correct in size, or the flow of fluid wouldn't work. You may need to check the pressure leaving the pump too. Good luck, hope it works for you too.
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    Power steering question..

    I know this thread is a few weeks old, but I have a Desert Dynamics mid-engine dual sport buggy that has a 3.5 Honda VTEC in it. It has a Char-Lynn torque generator for power steering, so it may not be the same as what you've got. The stock power steering pump works great with the correct size...
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    Australian 'Trophy Truck' Build. BMS#1.5

    Looks like it's coming along nicely, good luck getting a better line on the ChroMo.
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    Mrs. JFab's GMC Build

    Looking good, keep up the great work.
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    What a FREQ'n sale!

    Awesome, thanks for the calming reassurance.
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    What a FREQ'n sale!

    Still haven't installed the radio, hope the warranty doesn't expire before I get to it :)
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    ELITE early Bronco build

    Beautiful work, thanks for sharing :)
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    2013 Fantasy NASCAR

    Too bad the All-Star race didn't count, I had 1, 2, and 3 :) The 600 is going to be a pretty good battle, the teams are getting these Gen 6 cars dialed in.
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    Silly Season 2013

    Totally agree, it was awesome to watch them skidding to a halt in the pit boxes. 48 had a great run too.
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    Shed Of Doom

    It really is classic alright, good fun reading.
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    Shed Of Doom

    Wait until you get to pages 6 & 7 :)