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  • I don't know were I found my avatar at. Let me know if you see it some where.
    Hey Rick;
    The funny part about that deal is Kevin and Shannon got their own motor working and then we broke the crank in our main motor testing and had to use the back up motor ourselves. So I'm glad they didn't take me up on the offer.
    thanks for the compliment on me/dis on liberals in the $8 oil thread.

    Republicans usually think more than 1 step ahead. (bailout, oil, anti-war, etc.). libs just ignore anything that doesn't make sense for today.

    anyways. thank you.
    Glad to see you're back. When your post ended mid-stream the other night, I DID fear something had happened to you.
    Thanks for the REP. All too often the word IllegalAlien is swapped with Mexican, they just happen to be the largest group we see in So Cal.
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