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  • Hey Ron,
    How's It going ??? Just wanted to invite you to the 5-1600 shootout @ the Ensenada to San Felipe 250. It races the 500 & 250 courses, and is only $ 430.00 to enter.
    Whaddya Say ???
    I will try and stop by and i think we might be in that same area just to kick back and watch the race.........Is yoru brother coming out to the race?
    First 5 miles of the course is a pretty good spot to wathc the race so somewhere before the checkpoint 1?

    Whats going on I was reading this as I used to race in the 80s and 90s. My son has raced for 3 years I bought him a staats junior with a set of answer scythe carbon fiber forks not sure if you or anyone you know would be interested in them. He got a factory bike from one of our friends and only rode the staats for about a month.If you know of anyone looking please let me know. hate to just have them hangin in the garage. Thanks Eric
    Since I can't rep you for it, your post in the "illegal aliens part 2" post was BAD ASS, and you should be commended!!!
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