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  • My life my rules its not only a word but it is a great sentence and makes a beautiful interests of life and its shows that how should we live our life.
    Congrats on selling your truck. I have had my 12 car for sale for over a year and the wing nuts who have called, drive me crazy. The calls that get the most are the ones who say because of the economy I should take between 30 & 50 cents on the dollar.
    Oh right on. I will see you at the start of the race for sure then. I am running the prerunner in the 1800 class to mark the GPS or us for the afternoon race. I am not sure what number we got assigned to us but I will find you at the start. I raced a mid 80's bronco for a few years and I just love um!!!! If your co-rider bails on ya I will be in suit and ready!!!
    What is the number on your truck for this race? Also what year is your bronco I wanna check it out.
    Thanks, Buddy
    It's my own system. I was selling them for a while, but there is a learning curve and I got sick of dealing w/ people complaining about not being able to get it to work right. I recorded the entire race, including the transfer section and Red Bull finish and putting it on the trailer and still only used 3/4 of the storage space. Never missed a beat. That is also the system that is in my bronco, and you can see it's footage from the prerun.
    Thanks for posting that video from the SS 300, I have a question for you, what in-car camera system do you use?
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