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    TORC's "The Off Road Championship" Premieres TONIGHT on Discovery HD Theater

    It should repeat again tonight! my guide here just says off road racing
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    TORC's "The Off Road Championship" Premieres TONIGHT on Discovery HD Theater

    It's on at 7 here in the midwest!!!! Comcast Customers HD chanel 205
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    Torc Discovery HD Theater Video

    I just checked my guide for ComCast here in Chicagoland... HDTheatre is channel 205... It's on the guide.. DVR is already set to record!!!!
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    2010 Dakar Stage 14 - Santa Rosa > Buenos Aires (FINISH)

    I have been one of the lurkers, following everyday. I would like to say thank you for all the fantastic updates!!!!!!
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    LOORRS TV Ratings 11/29/09...

    It might be branded by NBC, But if history holds true, the LOORS has picked up the tab for the airtime.
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    Driving lessons??

    Thanks for Sharing that!!!! awsome video!!!
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    VIDEO - TORC in Vegas

    Thanks for sharing!!!!! Can't wait to see it on TV
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    That's Not What We Are Looking For: TORC's 9/6 TV Ratings...

    my cable in Chicago said Truck Racking --- Comcast
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    Live on ABC- Crandon Discussion!

    Awsome show, really made me wish i could have been there!!!!!!!!!
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    Live on ABC- Crandon Discussion!

    Holy Cow, Jenkins wreck caused a huge pile up....... showing Pro 2 race right now
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    No Crandon for “Crandon Carl” Renezeder

    Hmmm..... im thinking something related to his reality series...........
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    Live feed

    Maybe Rick will come on here and answer you him self.... oh wait... he is probably in Jurassic Park already living large tonight, and getting ready for the party, and naked slip and slide later tonight :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Live feed

    no idea.... on all the audio from the races is posted.... i got back home right after the race ended.
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    Live feed

    Sorry, i was out and can't pull up the prolight results