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    Subaru WRX/STI Buildup to finish Baja 1000

    Props to Kyle Jackson for some badass fab work on this car!
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    Kyle LeDuc is racing the TrophyKart RS450 adult class at the Lucas Oil Regionals

    Current LOORS undefeated PRO4 champion driver Kyle Leduc races and talks about the RS450 TrophyKart at the Lucas Oil Regional Adult TK race Catch It!!! Do you want a race against Kyle? TrophyKart is promoting the new adult TrophyKart class with a $2000 RACER DISCOUNT when you signup for...
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    TrophyKart Project RS450 Baja Build

    Memories John, Memories!!! :D
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    TrophyKart Project RS450 Baja Build

    We have been talking a bit with the HDRA abou the inclusion of some TrophyKart classes. But truth be told, I just want to run it in the desert and hope I can find a home for it somewhere. :) Our chassis design and strength has been more than proven with the years of racing in short course and...
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    TrophyKart RS450 Road Crossing. Dirty Porn!

    If you like this video of the new RS450, please thumbs up, or "like" it. Awesome video!
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    TrophyKart Project RS450 Baja Build

    So I figured I start a thread documenting the build of my custom TrophyKart RS450 that I plan to do some long distance desert racing with. That has been my dream ever since we built the very first TK. Progress definitely hasn't been as fast as I would like, as I only get a few evenings a week...
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    TrophyKart Parts now online!

    TrophyKart's online parts store is finally up!!! All the categories and pricing is there, but still missing a few pics.
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    Question & Answer session with TrophyKart

    Their corporate offices are in FL, however all of the MFG and day to day operations are still in Anaheim.
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    Question & Answer session with TrophyKart

    We recently sat down with TrophyKart after hearing about their involvement with Fuel TV's new Octane Academy show and asked for some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about TrophyKarts. If any of you guys have any other questions, feel free to post on this thread. 1. Q...
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    Hello my name is Shane

    Never been to much for words, I have been fabricating for quite a few years now. I've had the opportunity of building a few Trophy Trucks, Class 1, Prerunners, 65 or so Street Rods, being on television for 3 seasons of OVERHAULIN', and lots of other cool projects. I love what I do, but suffer...