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    Parker 425 @@ PHOTOS @@

    right on, thanks!
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    2020 Parker 425 Photos Race Day & Time Trials

    nice shots! 7225?
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    Parker 425 @@ PHOTOS @@

    7225 Thanks!
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    Swanty Racing race report #1250 ProTruck

    good write up, thanks for posting.
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    InReach Explorer, Explorer+ or SPOT for contact/family monitoring in Baja

    Inreach SE I've been carrying it on the bikes for 2 years. Works great. Get the 2nd plan, maybe 300/yr? Works great. I use the Gaia app. for mapping. 20 bucks.
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    Bob "The Weatherman" Steinberger passed away this morning

    Wow........A legend and a friend passes. Prayers to Bob and his family.
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    Weatherman Relay reluctantly not at the Mint 400

    an ICON excluded?........that's a load of bull crap...... We love you Bob.
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    Which race vehicles have the most wins?

    Leduc/Glass Class 8 23 wins out of our shop (43 races). 6 championships. And...we finished every race from 2009 through 2012. We won 12 straight in 2009/2010/2011, including 11th OA at Vegas to Reno "the expensive way" 1000. carry on.......
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    46th SNORE 250

    What a fun race! Walker and I split the driving. He's coming along. We lost "propulsion" with 35 to go, but we had a ball anyhow. Thanks to SNORE for bringing this to our hometown!
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    good times I still have THAT bedside in the pile.
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    Kent.......great racing in 12, and yeah it was tight and fun... truck's are looking good guys.
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    Team Ford Class 8000 Challenge --> $5,000 Bonus for BWDC

    Thanks again to Steve Olliges / Team Ford for the cash bonus last weekend!'s on next year!
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    Team Ford Class 8000 Challenge --> $5,000 Bonus for BWDC

    Jackpot! We're getting ready as we speak. Thanks again to Steve for the class 8 push!
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    Team Lexus not racing in 2014

    Way to get it done Joe!
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    Pistol Pete thee CHEAT???

    Way to get it done Pete!