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    Looking for transmission shop that's good with Ford E4OD

    I'm looking for a trans shop that does good work on Ford E4OD's. I have a '93 Bronco and I'm looking to have the trans rebuilt. I know they can run into big $$$$ so I'm looking for a shop that knows what they are doing. I'm in Hemet and would like to keep it around here but don't mind driving to...
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    Forum User´s Occupation

    Communication tech for the County of Riverside. Spend most of my time working on the countywide 800mhz radio system for the Sheriff Dept.
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    Listen to the race from home

    Thank You Klaus!!!
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    You hear blah...blah...blah.... from who???
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    Americas Tire Co.

    I have only bought tires from them one time and it was a great experience. I walked in at 4:30pm 30 minutes before they were to close. I told them what I wanted, they gave me the price and I was out with 4 new tires installed and on my way home at 5:05pm. When I need tires again I will...
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    Race Radio Antenae Options

    Ok here is my opinion on this. You get what you pay for, now with that said. If a ham radio is all you can afford then yes it certainly is better than no radio at all. But if you hold off and maybe save a few more $$$ then get a commercial radio PCI, Motorola, Kenwood or whatever you will be...
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    What does everyone do for a living??

    I work for the County of Riverside in the communications dept. We maintain the county wide radio system. But my main job is installing and repairing mobile communication and emergency equipment in all the Sheriff dept vehicles. Bob
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    San Diego Expo

    Do you think that they will have stuff for sale there? Did anyone go last year? Bob
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    Merry Christmas

    Me and Mrs. Racemedic would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay Safe Bob
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    what year explorer to build?

    What year or years would be good to build? I'm thinking about building one into a mild chase vehicle. What year was the last for i-beams? Also anyone got any pics? Thanks Bob
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    who's a good Ford engine builder

    Re: who\'s a good Ford engine builder Sorry, I thought of that after I got off line. I did have the K & N filter set up on, the one with the big cone shaped filter, when I had the motor done but that just sucked in all the hot air from under the hood and felt like it made things worse when it...
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    who's a good Ford engine builder

    who\'s a good Ford engine builder I have a '93 Bronco with 5.8 and E4OD trans. As far as mods go it has MSD ignition box with coil and wires, 3" exhaust, including the cat, with a dynomax muffler. All this was done before I had the engine rebuilt. It was balanced and the guy that did the...
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    Can you save a life?

    The main problem that I see is the expence, most promoters don't want to spend much money. When I worked or I should say volunteered my time for SCORE we didn't get paid much. It's hard to get people to come down to a race, drive several hundred miles, oh can you bring all your own equipment...
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    4wd F150/Bronco sway bars

    Any of you have a F150/Bronco 4wd? Did you take off your sway bars? I have a '93 Bronco and someone told me to take the sway bars off to give me a better ride and travel. I'm not to sure about this so I thought I would ask. Thanks Bob
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    Ford Bronco

    If you guys could email me some pics of Bronco's that would be great. I have a '93 and I keep thinking about selling it but then again if I got some good pics I just might want to start building on it. Or I could sell it get an F-150 and........ Thanks Bob