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  • rob, dont answer her back! or she will start stalking you too just like she does to DJ!!!
    ill never forget last night probally for the rest of my life, DJ is taking this one hard....
    did you have any footage of me crashing when we went to cal city a couple of weekends ago?
    I do that, too. What do the votes do besides turn posts yellow or hide them? Do they have any function beyond that? Thanks for the rep!
    What do you mean?!?! Ivan ALWAYS has cowboy boots, seriously, ALWAYS! lol No I am not racing it, I am racing the Baja 1k, then the Dash! Tell DJ to come out for the DASH
    Baja designs D/S kit, you are going to have to get a cert. of re-manufacture from dmv (a bike shop can fill it out for you).
    Troy (702) 443-6927
    thats how the car got started was by jesse challenging me to paint his trophy truck on a car! I got my truck driving championships on saturday so I will probably work on it friday night and part of sunday!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ride over to the ranch & find out how those ladies treat a guy on his b-day. ( @ Y @ )
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