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    Mint 400 piks

    TT- riot racing boys stepped up their game class !- Scott Schovojafred moreno Class !0: Clint barry My teammate Single seat full potential
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    Baja Cup Challenge - Glen Helen Raceway

    We need to make this one a big one! just got news of the track layout sounds like its gonna be the best one so far!!!! cant wait gonna be so much fun!!! Darren are you coming out?
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    best class 10 car

    A topic about the best 10 car turns into a typical race-dezert poop talking thread! i have personally seen all of these 10 cars in action and currently drive the 1006 full potential offroad pacific states car. you can buy a light car and think you are gonna dominate the class, but most of us...
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    Elsinore Practice

    i was at elsinore today and the track is flooded with part of the front stretch a sx track
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    Classes 2, 4 and 7-2 at the Baja 1000

    First off i would like to thank Kevin Ellis for making this dream come true. Nobody nows how cool it felt being only 17 starting the Baja 1000. Another big thanks to Jim Varshay for giving me tips on how to get throught the brutal course. All the pit support and encouragement given by Jeff...
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    30 Day Build for Baja 1000 - SCORE Class 4 by Full Potential

    cant wait to run this at the 1000. looks good guys.
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    whats up kevin we gonna race both cars in the 1000?

    whats up kevin we gonna race both cars in the 1000?
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    Congratulations Ricky James

    Good job ricky lets see that so-cal supertrucks machine on the top for the rest of the season. Keep up the good driving. Junior
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    Class 3000 at Vegas to Reno

    darren has been notified every time after a race about our problems and still to this day our computer is sitting at pwr unfixed. at the last barstow race a c1lite owner who has the mefi 5 complained as well about issues. it seems the only way things get done right is if we do them ourselves...
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    Class 3000 at Vegas to Reno

    it ok we have incar video of the race and it shows how long it took for your team to catch up. as far as the computer issues there is plenty of people who will vouch for us. good luck to team pacific states 3021
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    Class 3000 at Vegas to Reno

    hope the prolems are fixed... goood luck kevin ellis 3021 and the whole pacfic states team
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    Class 3000 at Vegas to Reno

    wow thats funny darren you talk about trackers after your guys confessed to course cutting at the more freedom 250. The funny part about that is you cheated and we still won the race. Results speak for themselves you havent finished a race this year. The only reason we didnt finish parker is...
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    ***Racer Photo MORE 500***

    any of 3021
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    Granatelli Superlite Crash (Pictures)

    correction building them a new chassis right now.
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    Best Geiser TT?

    huffmans truck for sure he had primm in the bag until his crash.