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  • I'm not sure what Reid is doing, but Brian Shaleen from Fusion Off Road is building a class 10 car. He went to Casey and asked if he could use the new 2.4 direct injected engine, Casey said yes. He went and had the engine built for BITD @ Danzio ... then went to have it tagged @ TurnKey. Turnkey said no way.

    Brian called Casey, Casey called TurnKey. Brian then got a call from Casey saying "sorry, you can't run that engine ... my bad".

    Not cool in my opinion ... but in the big picture, Dale from racer said it best in his post. LaPaglia is out there smoking everyone with a stock 2.4 EcoTech ... why not let all 2.2's and 2.4's come play and give the racers an option?

    I just think this whole thing is comical now that there's a new EcoTech out & that's being outlaw'd too. I guess if you don't have what everyone else already has ... you can't play. If that's the way racing is now, we should tell all chassis mfg's, tire mfg's & shock mfg's to stop coming up with new items & designs.
    Thanks fo the FYI, just cleared it out..You get my last message? I need your email.
    R-8, nice! You going out to battle at primm? I'm racing 1450 and class 7. Last year was weird, I ran into Nick and Rus in the parking lot as I was driving the truck over to tech.
    Hey Lou, you racin this year? I'm trying to catch up on some bills so my races will be limited this year, which means more free time! Let me know if you need help, I'll see if I'm free.
    Bahahaha. You got it champ!! Those little trucks are fun. Wish I could have set mine up like Ramsey did. I think Greg keeps them riding comfy for the unexperienced guys that rent them.
    well if anybody should be worried about sponsors is team 71, besides your the one that told everybody that it was AGAVES prerunner so really your the one that put that name in the picture. but whatever dude, i have nothing but respect for YOUR rick, super nice guy so if he wants that deleted i respect that. no hard feelings dude allthoug i think the bad rep was a little to harsh haha lol
    rick (oak hills) was at our shop yesterday and told us what happend, he never said nothing about being pist about it and he let team 71 use is bronco for prerunning yesterday, hope they dont brake that one. and i do know a thing or two about sponsors and racing cause i make a living of off road racing.
    Hey man have your mom send me those pictures she took of my truck to randy@stripperpole.com
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